The Disaster Preparedness and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 1E) authorizes $4.09 billion in general obligation bonds to rebuild and repair California’s most vulnerable flood control structures to protect homes and prevent loss of life from flood-related disasters, including levee failures, flash floods, and mudslides and to protect California’s drinking water supply system by rebuilding delta levees that are vulnerable to earthquakes and storms. Proposition 84 enhances these efforts with an additional $800 million for flood control projects.





Section Original Allocation Adjusted Allocation1 Committed2 Balance3
  $4,090,000,000 $4,090,000,000 $4,060,560,167 $29,439,832
Section 5096.821 State plan of flood control $3,000,000,00 $2,926,650,367 $2,882,768,768 $43,881,598
Section 5096.824 Flood control and flood prevention projects $500,000,000 $487,775,061 $482,396,310 $5,378,751
Section 5096.825 Flood protection corridors and bypasses $290,000,000 $282,909,535 $274,184,715 $8,724,820
Section 5096.827 Storm water flood management $300,000,000 $292,665,037 $289,474,811 $3,190,226
Section 5096.953 et seq. Statewide Bond Cost $0 $0 $31,735,563 ($31,735,563)
Reallocated to Proposition 1 $0 $100,000,000 $100,000,000 $0
(1) "Adjusted Allocation" reflects the "Original Allocation" less an adjustment mandated by Prop 1 distributed across all program chapters.
(2) "Committed" means the amount appropriated, the amount proposed for appropriations, or amount committed in out years.
(3) "Balance" equals Chapter Balance plus Chapter Set Asides as found on the Summary for Chapters in the Allocation Balance Report.

Bond Accountability

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    Proposition 1E Programs

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    Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

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    Delta Stewardship Council

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