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California Conservation Corps Prop. 68 Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 68
Department Name: California Conservation Corps
Bond Statute: PRC §80136, ref 1, PRC §80136, ref 2
Implementing Statute:

2020 Acquisition of Vans and Trailers for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Projects
6120 27th Street Property Improvement (Phase II)
Acquisition of Recycling Trucks FY 19/20
Acquisition of Transport Vehicle & Trailers FY 19/20
Acquisition of Truck & Equipment Trailer FY 19/20
Acquisition of Trucks for Natural Resource Projects
Acquisition of Trucks, Trailers and Skid-Steer Loader
Angeles National Forest Trail Improvement and Installation of OHV Barriers
Angwin Northeastern Community Shaded Fuel Break
Azaela Hill Trails Restoration and Construction
Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Trail Construction and Improvement
Ballona Wetlands Riparian and Dune Restoration
Beaver Creek Watershed Protection Project
BHSO Pathway Paving and Slope Improvement
Big Bear Discovery Center Interpretive Improvements
Bobby Vega Memorial Park Improvement Project
Caribou Lakes / South Fork Salmon Trails Project 2019
CCC Los Angeles Satellite Building Acquisition
CCEC Acquisition and Development of 200 Mulberry Street
CCEC Transport Vehicle Acquisition
CCLB Acquisition of Trucks and Trailer
CCNB Acquisition of Vans and Trailers for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Projects
CCNB Chipper Acquisition FY 19/20
CCNB Vans Acquisition FY 19/20
Chula Vista Community Fuel Load Reduction
City of Riverside Mt. Rubidoux Park
City of Stockton Van Buskirk Park Improvement
Claremont Fuel Load Reduction
Claremont Sycamore Canyon Trail Rehabilitation
Coal Creek Residential Area Fuel Break
Compton Creek Walking Path (Phase II)
Construction of Douglas Recycling Center
Crew Vehicle Acquisition
Deep Creek Watershed Restoration
Deer Canyon Park Creek Restoration
DeLaveaga Fuel Reduction Project Phase II
Development of 200 Mulberry Street (Phase II)
Development of Cotati Facility - HVAC System
Development of Vocation Training Center - Phase II
Development of Vocational Training Center FY 2019
Dusy Basin Trail Construction and Meadow Restoration 2021
Dutch Bill Creek Trail Construction & Restoration
East Fork Bridge Reconstruction, 2021
Equipment Acquisition for CCLB Projects
Equipment Acquisition for Environmental Conservation & Restoration Initiatives
Equipment Acquisition for Environmental Conservation & Restoration Initiatives
Equipment Acquisition for LACC Projects FY 2019
Equipment for Natural Resource Projects
Establishment of CCLB Urban Forestry and Educational Center
Eureka Sequoia Park Improvement
Eureka Sequoia Park Improvement 2
Facility Acquisition of 3450 3rd Street
Facility Acquisition of 6120 27th Street
Facility Acqusition and Development of 1101 East Douglas Avenue
Facility Development of 1425 5th Street (Phase II)
Facility Development of 3450 3rd Street
Facility Development of 6101 27th Street
Fairbanks Ranch/Rancho Santa Fe Invasive Plant Removal and Stream Reforestation Project
Fenton North Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Project
Fortuna Parks Improvement
Fremont Street Facility Improvement Project
Fresno EOC Vocational Building Second Floor Expansion (Phase 3)
Fuel Reduction of Pogonip and Arroyo Seco
Grass Valley Fire Restoration
Greater Valley Conservation Corps Fremont Street Facility Enhancements
Greenwood Community Fuel Reduction
Grove Street Roadway Fuel Load Reduction
GVCC Acquisition of Equipment for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Projects
GVCC Floodplain Expansion and Ecosystem Restoration at Dos Rios Ranch
Hamilton and Bel Marin Key Wetlands Restoration Project
Hamilton and Bel Marin Keys Wetlands Restoration Phase II
Hollydale Regional Park Enhancement Project
Huckleberry Trail Repair and Restoration FY 21/22
Job Training Center – Vehicle Acquisition and Installation of HVAC and Tool Hanger
Job Training Center Development Project
Kearsarge Basin Trails Repair Project 2019
Laguna Niguel Regional Park Reforestation
Lake Forest Aliso Creek Watershed Restoration
Ledbetter Park Improvements – Outdoor Recreation
Lower Bidwell Park Fuel Reduction
McGee Creek Rehabilitation and Repair Trail Project 2019
Merced Irrigation District Campground Pergolas Restoration
Mount Diablo State Park Fuel Load Reduction
Munch Creek and Davy Brown Fish Passage Improvements
Murry Park Expansion - Pond Restoration and Trail Construction
New Chaparral Restoration in San Francisquito Drainage Basin
North County Center Renovation
North Fall Creek Trail Rehabilitation
Oak Park Trail Construction (Phase II)
OCCC Acquisition of Chipper & Chipper Truck FY 2019
OCCC Trailer Equipment Acquisition
Occidental Roadways Fuel Load Reduction
Paradise Valley Trails Repair and Restoration
Parque dos Rios - Habitat Restoration Phase II
Ponderosa Pine Wildfire Resiliency and Forest Health
Rancho El Chorro Trail Construction
Redwood Creek (SF Eel) Large Wood Augmentation
Rehab & Fuel Reduction at Box Springs Mtn. – Edison, M, & Spring Trails
Restoration and Improvement of DeForest Wetlands and Park
Restoration and Improvement of Friendship Park
Restoration at Willow Springs
Rio Hondo Plant Establishment
Rio Hondo Trail Construction & Improvements
Rio Hondo Trail Construction and Improvements - LA
River Partners Dos Rios Wetland Restoration - Delta
River Partners Dos Rios Wetland Restoration - Sacramento
Sacramento River Trail Fuel Load Reduction
San Antonio Creek Sub-Watershed Restoration and Hydroseeding
San Diego River Watershed Invasive Non-Native Plant Control and Restoration
San Gabriel River Habitat Restoration
Santa Ana Parks Tree Planting
Santa Rosa Creek Habitat Enhancement
SFCC Acquisition of Vehicles and Equipment
Site Improvements at 340 Nieto Avenue
Site Improvements at CCLB Environmental Education Center
SJCC Acquisition of Front-End Loader Truck
SJCC Community Composting Equipment Acquisition
SJCC Natural Resource Management Equipment Acquisition
SJCC Recycling/Zero Waste Equipment Acquisition
Sound Garden at Houghton Park
South Fire Road Fuel Load Reduction
South Fire Road Fuel Load Reduction Phase 2
South Fire Road Fuel Reduction Phase 3
South Fork Merced River Trail Restoration
Stake Bed Trucks for Environmental Projects
Tangle Blue Meadow Rehabilitation and Trail Conversion FY 21/22
Trail Rehabilitation and Fuel Load Reduction at Alum Rock Park
Transport Vehicle Acquisition FY 19/20
Truck Acquisition for Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Projects
UCCIE Coachella Facility Acquisition
Urban Corps Facility Acquisition of 2200 Micro Place, Escondido
Urban Corps Service Box Truck for Tree Projects
Urban Corps Service Project Vehicles
Viejas Hazardous Fuel Reduction Program
Whittier Narrows Urban Tree Canopy Project
Wrigley Greenbelt Park and Trail Improvement
Zero Waste/Recycling Program Equipment Acquisition FY 20/21