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Rebuilding California State Parks

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 68
Department Name: California State Parks
Bond Statute: PRC §80070, PRC §80072, PRC §80075, PRC §80076
Implementing Statute:

Anderson March SHP: Stabilize/Rehab W End South Barn Anderson
Anderson Marsh SHP: Replication of Original Anderson Painting
Andrew Molera SP: Andrew Molera Trail-Campround Phase I
Andrew Molera SP: Preservation Repairs to the Historic Barn at Andrew Molera
Angel Island SP: Lead Paint Residence
Ano Nuevo Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction Phase II
Ano Nuevo SP - Green Oaks Creek Habitat Restoration
Anza Borrego Desert SP: Bow Willow Fire Affected Rock Feature Excavation
Anza Borrego Desert SP: Native American Basket Conserv Begole Arch Resrch Ctr
Anza Borrego SP - Picnic Table, Fire Ring Replacement
Anza-Borrego Desert SP: NRHP Evaluation and Nomination for Indian Hill Archaeological District
Austin Creek SRA: Pond Farm Wildenhain House Hazardous Waste Abatement
Bay Area District Landscape Scale Deferred Maintenance
Bidwell-Sacramento River SP - Riparian Restoration, Beard Orchard
Bidwell-Sacramento River SP: Brayton Orchard Riparian Woodland Restoration
Bodie SHP: Conservation Mail Sorter Dechambeau Hotel
Bodie SHP: Dechambeau Hotel Stabilization Repairs
Bodie SHP: Post-Earthquake Artifact Clean-up Dechambeau & Boone Store
Bolsa Chica SB - Warner Turnaround entrance
Border Field SP - Orcutt's Dudleya Protection and Habitat Enhancement
Bothe-Napa Valley SP: Reconstruct Spring Road Crossing
Calaveras Big Trees SP: Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction
Calaveras Big Trees SP: Stabilization Jack Knight Hall
Candlestick Point SRA: Build-Out of Park
Capital District: Replace Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems
Castle Crags SP: Fuel Reduction Castle Crags
Chino Hills SP - Managment of Yellow Star Thistle and Other Invasive Speices
Chino Hills SP: Interpretive Panel Replacement and Repair
Colonel Allensworth SHP - Infrastructure Improvements
Colonel Allensworth SHP: Visitor Center
Columbia SHP: Building Repairs
Columbia SHP: Upgrade Security System-Museum Collections Program
Columbia SHP: Wells Fargo Repair Plaster & Paint
Crystal Cove SP - Remove No Brains Road
Crystal Cove SP: Repair Asphalt
Crystal Cove SP: Restore Coastal Bluff
Cuyamaca Rancho SP: Develop Mack House Historic Structure Report and Mothballing Plan
Cuyamaca Rancho SP: Forest Health
Cuyamaca SP - Paving, APM, CXT
D.L. Bliss SP: Main Water Line
D.L. Bliss SP: Water Well Drilling
Del Norte Coast Redwoods SP: Repair-Rehab Office
Doheny SB: Potable Waterline Replace
Donner Memorial SP: Bridge 1 & Bridge 2
Donner Memorial SP: Restore Memorial
Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point SP: Plaster Repair to Earthquake Damage in Sewing Room at Pine Lodge
Emerald Bay SP: Plaster Repair to Earthquake Damage in Vikingsholm Morning Room
Empire Mine SHP: Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction
Estero Bluffs SP - Villa Creek Estuary Restoration and Sea Level Rise (SLR) Resiliency, plant propagation and permitting
Folsom Lake SRA - Fuel Reduction and Removal of Exotic Plants
Folsom SHP: Jed Smith Bike Trail
Forest Resiliency Plan, Sonoma Mendocino Coast Russian River Sector
Fort Tejon SHP: Develop HSR/Treatment Plan Tejon Officer's Quarters
Fort Tejon SHP: Wildfire Protection for Historic Tejon Structures
Garrapata SP - Coastal Bluff Restoration and Invasive Species Control
Garrapata SP - Repair/Replace Rocky Ridge Trail: Phase I
Garrapata SP: Coastal Trail Rehab
Gaviota SP: Survey for 49 Archaeological Sites
Great Basin District: Curation Containers
Great Valley Grasslands SP: Mammoth Extraction
Half Moon Bay SB: Replace Frenchmans Creek Bridge
Harmony Headlands SP: Historic Cellar Stabilization
Hearst Castle: Carillon Rehabilitation
Hearst San Simeon SHM: Casa Del Mar/ A House Façade Rehabilitation
Hearst San Simeon SHM: Fire Sprinkler System
Hearst San Simeon SHM: Visitor Center Repairs
Heilbron Mansion: Health-Safety Rehab
Humboldt Redwoods SP-Bull Creek Old Mill Site Preliminary Contaminants Study
Humboldt SHP: Renovation of Exhibits Hosp Museum Fort
Huntington SB: Replace Combo Bld
Indian Grinding Rock SHP: Conversion to LED in Regional Indian Museum
Indian Grinding Rock SHP: Museum Roff and Siding Replacement
Indio Hill Palms Property: Interpretive Panel Design and Installation
Inventory Santa Cruz Dist Historic Structures to Provide Access for Disadvantaged Communities and Persons
Jack London SHP: House of Happy Walls West Porch Repair
Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP: Entrance Station Rehab
Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP: Repair Replace Fence
Kruse Rhododendron SNR Habitat Enhancement and Fuel Reduction
La Purisima Mission SHP: Conservation Treatment of Metal Artifacts
La Purisima Mission SHP: Enfermeria and Gift Store Roof Repair
La Purisima Mission SHP: Finish Interior of Single Bay Garage Attached to Artifact Repository to Provide Adequate Room for Working with Artifacts
La Purisima Mission SHP: Forest Fuels Removal: Pine & Eucalyptus
La Purisima Mission SHP: Park-Wide Inventory and Collections Records Reconciliation - Phase 2 of 2
Lake Perris SRA: Interpretive Panel Replacement and Repair
Lake Perris SRA: Update Regional Indian Museum Exhibits
Los Encinos SHP: Garnier Building Structural Assessment
Malakoff Diggins SHP: Repair Roof and Stabilize Back Room of McKillican and Mobley General Store
Malibu Creek SP: District Collections Facility Improvements-Phase II
Malibu Creek SP: Historic Interior Lighting Fixtures Adamson House
Malibu Creek SP: Oak Grove Restorations at Tapia Park
Malibu Lagoon SB: Adamson House Exterior Gate and Door Conservation
Malibu Lagoon SB: Adamson House Islamic-Style Tapestry Conservation
Manchester SP - Manchester Dune Restoration, Brush Creek
Marshall Gold Discovery SHP: IOOF Hall - Existing Conditions and Pest Exclustion
Marshall Gold Discovery SHP: Stabilization of Bell's/Bekarts
Marshall Gold SHP: Emmanuel Church
Marshall Gold SHP: Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction
Marshall Gold SHP: Lidar Survey
Marshall Gold SHP: Re-Roof St. John's Church
Mendocino District: Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction
Mono Lake Tufa SNR - Warm Springs Wetland and Grassland Protection
Montana De Oro SP: Virtual Reality Cultural App Creation
Monterey District: Stabilize/Restore Several Buildings Across District
Monterey Pine Forest Health Management
Monterey SHP: Condition Assessment and Conservation Treatment
Monterey SHP: Custom House Repairs
Morro Bay SP - Economic Impact Study on Marina Dredging
Mount Diablo SP - Pine Creek Riparian Habitat Enhancement, Phase I
Mount Diablo SP: Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction
Mount Diablo SP: Road Repair Phase I
Mount San Jacinto SP: Fuel Reduction
Mount San Jacinto SP: Interpretive Panel Replacement and Repair
Mount Tamalpais SP: Deer Park Fire Road
Mount Tamalpais SP: Redwood Creek Trail Phase I
Mt. San Jacinto SP: Trail Rehab
Natural Resources Division Deferred Statewide Data Management Priorities
New Brighton SB: Rusted Out Culvert
North Coast: Diablo Stove restoration, Russian River Sector and Mendocino Sector of the Sonoma Mendocino Coast District
Old Sac SHP: Artifact Conservation Corrosion Treatment, Toy Trains
Old Sacramento SHP: Boiler Shop Renovation
Old Sacramento SHP: Documentation 360 Degree Photography Equipment and Software Procurement
Old Sacramento SHP: Riverfront Improvements
Old Sacramento SHP: Thomas Sefton Gallery Toy Train Exhibit HVAC
Old Town San Diego SHP: Removal of Hazard and Other Collections of Ethnographic Objects
Olompali SHP: Olompali Historic Buildings/Landscape Recordation and Evaluation
Olompali SHP: Stabilization Repairs Burdel
Park-Wide: Collections and Records Reconciliation
Patrick's Point SP: Sumeg Village Rehabilitation - Phase II
Pfeiffer Big Sur SP: Pfeiffer Falls Trail Fire Damage
Pfeiffer Big Sur SP: Weyland Bridge Rehab
Picacho SRA - Taylor Lake Tamarisk Removal and Restoration
Picacho SRA: Interpretive Displays for Historic District and Stamp Mill
Picacho SRA: Park Power System Upgrade
Pigeon Point Light Station: Lighthouse Restore
Point Lobos SNR: Forest and Fuels Managment
Portola Redwoods SP: Campfire Center
Prairie Creek Redwoods SP - N. Gold Bluffs Beach Restoration Sensitive Area Treatment
Prairie Creek Redwoods SP: Bridge and Water System - Gold Bluff Beach Rd
Prop 68 Planning
Providence Mountains SRA: Electric System Rehab
Providence Mountains SRA: Historic Mine Recordation and Assessment
Quiroste Valley Forest Fuel Hazard Reduction Phase 1
Redwoods Rising DNRSP Road Rehabilitation
Redwoods Rising DNRSP Vegetation and Instream Management
Redwoods Rising PCRSP Road Rehabilitation
Redwoods Rising PCRSP Vegetation and Instream Management
Redwoods Rising Strategic Planning
Reforestation of Lost Torrey Pine Stands Phase 1
Salt Point SP: Transformation Project Salt Point Mobile App - Asset Development
San Buenaventura SB: Restore Dunes Channel Coast
San Diego Coast District: South Coastal Information Center (SCIC) Records Search
San Elijo SB: Survey Scarlsbad Stairs
San Juan Batista SHP: Arch Study/Interpretation Indian Family Housing Site
San Juan Batista SHP: Repair Historic Structure Plaza Hotel
San Juan Bautista SHP: Plaza Hotel School/Video Room Restoration & Orchard Wall
San Pasqual Battlefield SHP: San Pasqual Cemetery Survey and DPR523 Site Record
Shasta SHP: 1928 Schoolhouse Kellco Haz Material Survey
Shasta SHP: Replace antiquated HVAC systems
Sierra - District Wide: Repair Redwood Water Tanks
Sierra District - APM Installation
Silver Strand SB: Improve Visitor Safety-Restore Dunes
Silver Strand SB: Low Cost Accommodations
Silverwood Lake SRA: Visitor Center Indoor & Outdoor Exhibits
Silverwood Lake SRA: Visitor Center Repairs
Silverwood SRA - Group Camp Improvements
Sinkyone Wilderness SP: Climate Chng Sea Level Rise Assess
Sinkyone Wilderness SP: Needle Rock Visitor Center Historic Window Rehabilitation and Deck Replacement Project
Smithe Redwoods SNR: Lane's Flat Arch Inventory/Eval
Sonoma SHP: Vallejo Home Chalet Building Bat Exclusion
South Yuba River SP - Point Defiance Grassland Restoration and Invasive Plant Control
Southern Service CNTR: Specialized Studies for CA-SBA-07 Collection
State Indian Museum: Test State Indian Museum Cultural Items for Toxins
Statewide - APM Refresh
Statewide - IT: Service Line Replacement
Statewide: Hazard Tree Removal
Statwide - Virtual Signage
Sugarloaf Ridge SP - Invasive Himalayan Blackberry Control for Riparian Restoration
Sugarloaf Ridge SP - Replace Campground Restrooms
Sugarloaf Ridge SP: Godspeed Trail
Tolowa Dunes SP: Restore Dunes
Topanga SP: Restore Coast Live Oak Grove
Torey Pines SNR - Retore Tidal Prism and Coastal Salt Marsh Restoration - Finalize Program EIR
Torrey Pines SB: Repair Failed Hiking Trail
Torrey Pines SNR - Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat Restoration and Invasive Species Removal above Flintkote Ave
Torrey Pines SNR- Invasive Carpobrotus Removal and Habitat Enhancement
Torrey Pines SNR: Inventory/Cataloging Museum Collections
Torrey Pines SNR: Torrey Pines Lodge - Reconstruct Adobe Yard Wall
Trione-Annadel SP: Lawndale trail
Trione-Annadel SP: Ledson March Dam Spillway rehab
Trione-Annadel SP: Marsh Trail
Trione-Annadel SP: National Register and Tribal Cultural Resource Evaluation and Nomination for Son-29 (Annadel Obsidian Quarry)
Trione-Annadel SP: Rhyolite Trail
Trione-Annadel SP: Schultz Trail
Tule Elk SNR - APM, Gate, and ADA Parking
Van Damme SP - Road Bridge Replacement
Van Damme SP: Spring Ranch Main Barn Roof Replacement
Weaverville Joss House SHP: Pulley System - Collection Evacuation
Wilder Ranch SP: Cow Barn
Will Rogers SHP: Historic Hay Barn Structural Assessment/Stabilization
Will Rogers SHP: Retaining Wall Stabilization
William B Ide Adobe SHP: Stabilization Repairs Historic Adobe
Woodson Bridge SRA: Replace Restooms