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Statewide Integrated Flood Management Planning Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: Department of Water Resources
Bond Statute: 75032
Implementing Statute:

  • Front-end
  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up

Bond funds have been allocated to fund the development of the Statewide Integrated Flood Management Planning (SFMP) Program. This program will include developing the State’s flood management strategic plan and incorporating integrated flood management into the California Water Plan.  It will provide a vision for flood management improvements on a statewide level.  SFMP will document existing flood infrastructure programs, historical flood damages and proposed management actions to reduce flood risks for each of the State’s regions. The SFMP work products will be used to guide the State’s flood risk management strategic policies and investment decisions.

 A key component of the SFMP will be the development of strategies to address flood risks statewide and document these in a report tentatively titled “FloodFuture: Recommendations for Managing California's Flood Risk" (FloodFuture Report).  The FloodFuture Report is anticipated to be completed in 2014, and will include interim reports published in a timeframe consistent with other major Department of Water Resources (DWR) integrated water resources planning documents.  The FloodFuture Report will:

·         assess and characterize current and expected flood risks throughout California based on the best available information,

·         inventory and document major components of existing flood management infrastructure statewide and assess their current level of performance,

·         identify and document challenges and opportunities to improve integrated flood management,

·         identify, evaluate and recommend promising approaches to managing existing and expected future flood risks by region, and

·         develop a strategy to pay for system improvements and continuing operations and maintenance.  


Information developed by the SFMP will be incorporated into the California Water Plan Update 2013. General information about the State’s flood program and SFMP can be found on the DWR website.

On a monthly basis, the SFMP program manager will check the status of budget expenditures by program components, to insure that annual budget allocations will not be exceeded. The program manager will also oversee all consultant contracts and review monthly invoices to verify that tasks are acceptable, and the work is completed to the satisfaction of DWR. All task orders will have ten percent retention and will be released upon successful completion of each task. Program status, issues and significant accomplishments will be regularly reported to DWR management.
Annual reports will be prepared for DWR management that summarize bond fund expenditures and progress achieved towards meeting the objectives outlined in the Front-end Accountability statement.  The completion of milestone objectives for the SFMP program includes the development of a risk assessment and preparing a report of recommended flood management actions.