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Proposition 68 Overview

California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018.

On June 5, 2018, California voters passed a general obligation bond pursuant to Division 45 (commencing with Section 80000) of the Public Resources Code, relating to a drought, water, parks, climate, coastal protection, and outdoor access for all program. Placed on ballot by Senate Bill 5 of 2018.

ChapterAllocation Committed1Balance2
Ch. 2 Investments in Environmental and Social Equity, Enhancing California's Disadvantaged Communities$706,875,000$688,134,000,000$36,866,000,000
Ch. 3 Investments in Protecting, Enhancing, and Accessing California's Local and Regional Outdoor Spaces$277,875,000$265,966,000,000$19,034,000,000
Ch. 4 Restoring California's Natural, Historic, and Cultural Legacy$212,550,000$88,528,000,000$129,472,000,000
Ch. 5 Trails and Greenway Investment$29,250,000$28,593,000,000$1,407,000,000
Ch. 6 Rural Recreation, Tourism, and Economic Enrichment Investment$24,375,000$23,687,000,000$1,313,000,000
Ch. 7 California River Recreation, Creek, and Waterway Improvements Program$157,950,000$133,287,431,000$28,712,569,000
Ch. 8 State Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Board, and Authority Funding$747,825,000$389,415,923,000$377,584,077,000
Ch. 9 Ocean, Bay, and Coastal Protection$170,625,000$54,394,000,000$120,606,000,000
Ch. 10 Climate Preparedness, Habitat Resiliency, Resource Enhancement, and Innovation$431,925,000$328,692,646,000$114,307,354,000
Ch. 11 Clean Drinking Water and Drought Preparedness$243,750,000$242,415,000,000$7,585,000,000
Ch. 11.1 Groundwater Sustainability$78,000,000$75,110,000,000$4,890,000,000
Ch. 11.5 Flood Protection and Repair$536,250,000$393,024,000,000$156,976,000,000
Ch. 11.6 Regional Sustainability for Drought and Groundwater, and Water Recycling$380,250,000$359,475,000,000$30,525,000,000
Ch. 13 Statewide bond costs$102,500,000$102,500,000,000($102,500,000,000)

1"Committed" means the amount appropriated, the amount proposed for appropriations, or amount committed in out years.
2"Balance" equals Chapter Balance plus Chapter Set Asides as found on the Summary for Chapters in the Balance Allocations Report under Featured Links.