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Proposition 1 Overview

The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1) authorizes $7.545 billion in general obligation bonds to fund ecosystems and watershed protection and restoration, water supply infrastructure projects, including surface and groundwater storage, and drinking water protection.

ChapterAllocation Committed*Balance1
Ch. 5 Clean, Safe and Reliable Drinking Water$520,000,000$485,635,000$34,365,000
Ch. 6 Protecting Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Coastal Waters and Watersheds$1,495,000,000$1,154,976,000$340,024,000
Ch. 7 Regional Water Security, Climate, and Drought Preparedness$810,000,000$515,008,000$294,992,000
Ch. 8 Statewide Water System Operational Improvement and Drought Preparedness$2,700,000,000$2,646,000,000$54,000,000
Ch. 9 Water Recycling$725,000,000$693,268,000$31,732,000
Ch. 10 Groundwater Sustainability$900,000,000$860,666,000$39,334,000
Ch. 11 Flood Management$395,000,000$111,000,000$284,000,000
Ch. 4/12 Statewide Bond Costs$0$150,900,000($150,900,000)
*"Committed" means any amount appropriated in a current or prior year Budget or proposed for appropriation in a current Proposed Budget.
ยน"Balance" equals Chapter Balance plus Chapter Set Asides as found on the Summary for Chapters in the Balance Allocations Report under Featured Links.