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Project: Santa Anita Stormwater Flood Management and Seismic Strengthening Project

Description: This Project will remediate the Santa Anita dam headworks and modify the spreading basins to better manage stormwater runoff from the Santa Anita Canyon watershed and achieve the following goals: 1) reduce flood damage to the downstream communities, 2) increase groundwater recharge of the local groundwater basin and 3) improve public safety by remediating seismic safety issues at the Santa Anita Dam and the Santa Anita Debris Basin.

Reference Number: 3860-P1E-360

Implemented By: Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Objective: Manage stormwater runoff to reduce flood damage and where feasible, provide other benefits, including groundwater recharge, water quality improvement, and ecosystem restoration.

Type: Infrastructure Improvement, Water Management

Total Cost: $40,000,000.00

Project Status: Project Implementation

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 6/30/2022    Actual Completion:

Associated Counties: Los Angeles

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Local Contribution2/3/2012$20,000,000.00
Prop. 1E, Stormwater/Flood Management12/21/2011$20,000,000.00

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
Infrastructure ImprovementDam Modification  
Water ManagementStormwater Flood / Capture  


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