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Project: Yuba River Basin GRR

Description: The project objective is to increase the level of flood protection in the Marysville, Linda, Olivehurst, and Arboga areas. According to the 1998 Final Feasibility Study (which is currently being reevaluated), the Project consists of: (1) Reach 1, construction of 3.7 miles of new slurry wall, deepening 2.5 miles of slurry wall, construction of 1.4 miles of new berm, raising 1.2 miles of levee, and modification of 4.5 miles of berm and drain; (2) Reach 2, deepening of 0.5 mile of slurry wall, construction of 0.5 mile of new berm, and modification of 3 miles of berm and drain; and (3) Reach 3, construction of 5.1 miles of new slurry wall and berm along the ring levee surrounding the City of Marysville. The ring levee is currently under construction. Total project amount includes State support costs for project implementation.

Reference Number: 3860-P1E-052

Implemented By: Department of Water Resources

Objective: Flood risk reduction for the Yuba Basin.

Type: Infrastructure Improvement, Research/Planning (including Science)

Total Cost: $15,889,874.62

Project Status: Complete but Not Fully Paid

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 12/31/2021    Actual Completion:

Associated Counties: Yuba

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Federal Contribution11/17/2010$13,200,000.00
Local Contribution7/17/2014$1,320,000.00
Prop. 1E, USACE Studies Program6/8/2015$1,369,874.62

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
Infrastructure ImprovementLevee Repair, Strengthen, Raised16.3miles of levee repaired/strengthened
Research/Planning (including Science)Feasibility Studies -- Flood Control/Water Supply  


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