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Project: Proposition 1 Round 1 Los Angeles County FCD

Description: Los Angeles County Flood Control District: Los Angeles Funding Area (FA) Implement high priority projects and programs in the region

Reference Number: 3860-P01-366

Implemented By: Los Angeles County Flood Control District

Objective: The objective of this Greater Los Angeles County Prop 1, Round 1 Implementation Grant Proposal is to present a suite of projects and programs that further the mission, vision, goals objectives established in the Greater Los Angeles County IRWM Plan; provide multiple benefits through integration of water management strategies; implement high priority projects and programs identified by the region; and assist in meeting the region's needs. Los Angeles FA: Los Angeles County Department of Public Works: (1) Allen J Martin Stormwater Capture Multi-Benefit Project, (2) Bassett High School Stormwater Capture Multi-Benefit Project, (4) East Los Angeles Sustainable Median Stormwater Capture Project, (16) Sativa Los Angeles County Water District Water Quality Improvement Project, (9) Monteith Park and View Park Green Alley Stormwater Improvements Project, (15) Viewridge Super Green Street Stormwater Improvements Project, Los Angeles County Waterworks District No. 29: (14) Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project - District No. 29, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, (7) Strathern Park North Stormwater Capture Project, Valley County Water District: (3) Advanced Meter Replacement Project,City of Agoura Hills: (12) County Yard Treatment Project, City of Beverly Hills, (10) Burton Way Median Green Streets and Water Efficient Landscape, City of Calabasas: (6) Citywide Green Street Project, City of Culver City: (11) Mesmer Low Flow Diversion Project, City of San Fernando, (8) City of San Fernando Regional Park Infiltration Project, Council for Watershed Health: (5) Upper Los Angeles River Watershed Arundo donax Eradication Program, Gateway Water Management Authority: (17) Recycled Water Customer Conversion for Disadvantaged Communities, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District: (13) Las Virgenes Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

Type: Water Management

Total Cost: $110,108,223.00

Project Status: Project Implementation

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 6/30/2024    Actual Completion:

Associated Counties: Los Angeles

Project Benefits a Disadvantaged Community (or SDAC): Yes

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Local Contribution8/6/2020$94,819,543.00
Prop. 1, Integrated Regional Water Management8/6/2020$15,288,680.00

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
Water ManagementConveyance  
Water ManagementStormwater Flood / Capture  
Water ManagementWater Storage -- Groundwater  
Water ManagementWater Use Efficiency - Recycling  
Water ManagementWatershed Protection  

Water Action Plan Target

Make Conservation a California Way of LifeAction Description
Manage and Prepare for Dry PeriodsAction Description
Expand Water Storage Capacity and Improve Groundwater ManagementAction Description
Provide Safe Water for All CommunitiesAction Description
Increase Operational and Regulatory EfficiencyAction Description


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