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Project: Trade-offs and Co-benefits of Landscape Change Scenarios on Bird Communities and Ecosystem Services in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Description: Making effective and efficient investments in habitat restoration, protection, enhancement, and incentive programs requires a strong scientific evaluation of the net impacts of changes to the landscape on multiple goals, such as wildlife populations and ecosystem services. Funding for this Project will be used to meet two critical science needs for achieving this vision: (1) identify the highest priority areas to protect, restore, and enhance to support viable bird populations in the Delta, and (2) evaluate the net impact of scenarios of landscape change on bird populations and ecosystem services, including potential co-benefits and trade-offs.

Reference Number: 3600BQ1996022

Implemented By: Point Reyes Bird Observatory dba Point Blue Conservation Science

Objective: Specific objectives of this Project are to: 1. Synthesize scientific information on indicators of ecosystem services associated with land cover types that occur in the Delta (to be completed with cost share) 2. Map the high priority bird conservation areas in the Delta 3. Evaluate the net impact of scenarios of landscape change on bird populations and ecosystem services 4. Develop a flexible, science-based framework for assessing the trade-offs and co-benefits of landscape changes 5. Engage with stakeholders and resource managers to demonstrate the need to consider trade-offs and co-benefits in making land use decisions and provide training in how to use our science-based framework 6. Disseminate results to the broader scientific community

Type: Research/Planning (including Science)

Total Cost: $248,077.00

Project Status: Project Implementation

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 3/15/2023    Actual Completion:

Associated Counties:

Project Benefits a Disadvantaged Community (or SDAC): Yes

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Prop. 1, Water Quality, Ecosystem Restoration and Fish Protection Facilities - Delta10/1/2019$248,077.00

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
Research/Planning (including Science)Feasibility Studies -- Ecosystem Restoration  
Research/Planning (including Science)Modeling  
Research/Planning (including Science)Other  

Water Action Plan Target

Achieve the Co-Equal Goals for the DeltaAction Description


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