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Project: Grasslands Floodplain Restoration Project

Description: The Project will protect rare grasslands that were once widespread, restore floodplain habitat for several aquatic and terrestrial species, bring back salmon to the San Joaquin River, reduce local flood risk, and eliminate expensive flood management operations and maintenance practices along more than a mile of riverbank by breaching the levee to reconnect the San Joaquin River with it's historic floodplain. Funding for this Project will be use for the planning and permitting of Phase 1 breaching the levee between the San Joaquin River and GVGSP; Phase 2 beaching levee between GVGSP and USFWS refuge; and Phase 3 implent other floodplaind restoration projects. Funding will also be use to map and provide two seasons of annual weed treatment on at least 300 acres of grasslands.

Reference Number: 3600BP1596019

Implemented By: American Rivers

Objective: Objectives are to reduce the area and density of exotic vegetation, restore native grassland and riparian habitats on 220 acres, increase the area of frequently inundated floodplain habitat for a variety of native fish, birds, and terrestrial species that rely on seasonal inundation, reduce flood stage, velocity, and associated erosion and serve as a model for multi-benefit flood management projects that can be replicated elsewhere in the San Joaquin basin to recover declining species, reduce flood risk liabilities, and increase resilience under a changing climate.

Type: Restoration

Total Cost: $530,070.66

Project Status: Complete and Fully Paid

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 6/30/2019    Actual Completion: 8/6/2019

Associated Counties: Multiple

Project Benefits a Disadvantaged Community (or SDAC): Yes

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Prop. 1, Watershed Restoration8/6/2019$530,070.66

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
RestorationEcosystem: Riparian Habitat220acres restored/assessed/managed

Water Action Plan Target

Protect and Restore Important EcosystemsAction Description
Increase Flood ProtectionAction Description


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