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Project: The Thacher School Instream Flow Resiliency and Dormitory Conservation Project

Description: A grant to The Thacher School for a cooperative project with Sierra Watershed Progressive, California Conservation Corps, American Tank, and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement to develope an alternative onsite water supply for captured stormwater, which will be used for irrigation and all dormitory toilet flushing. Additionally, this project will capture up to 920,000 gallons of rainwater, enhancing water supply, reducing the erosive effects of storm events in the upper Ojai Basin, as well as reducing discharge of nutrient rich stormwater pulses to the San Antonio watershed on approximately 425 acres of privately-owned land commonly known as The Thacher School located in Ventura County, California. Grantee is the fee owner of the Property.

Reference Number: 36402016031

Implemented By: The Thacher School

Objective: To enhance stream flow

Type: Water Management

Total Cost: $1,096,947.00

Project Status: Project Implementation

On Time?: Yes    Within Scope?: Yes    Within Budget?: Yes

Estimated Completion: 9/1/2020    Actual Completion:

Associated Counties: Ventura

Project Benefits a Disadvantaged Community (or SDAC): No

Contribution SourcesContribution DateContribution Amount
Other State Funds2/18/2016$23,100.00
Private Contribution2/18/2016$237,626.00
Prop. 1, Stream Flow Enhancement2/18/2016$836,221.00

Project MetricMetric TopicQuantityUnit
Water ManagementWatershed Protection  

Water Action Plan Target

Protect and Restore Important EcosystemsAction Description
Manage and Prepare for Dry PeriodsAction Description
Expand Water Storage Capacity and Improve Groundwater ManagementAction Description


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