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Urban Forestry Program (CalFire)

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Bond Statute: 75065(a), ref 1
Implementing Statute: California Urban Forestry Act of 1978, Public Resources Code 4799.06 et seq.

  • Front-end
  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up

Bond expenditures will be made based under the broad guidance of the California Urban Forestry Act of 1978 and its implementing regulations (CCR 1550 et seq.); the Proposition 84 Bond Act language; and recent legislation (Chapter 488, Statutes 2006 (AB 32)), Executive Orders (S-03-05 and S-06-06), and other direction regarding the State’s climate change strategies. Some program elements will be achieved through staff-implemented projects, but most of the expenditures will be through competitive grants to agencies and nonprofit organizations. The implementing regulations for the California Urban Forestry Act provide specific guidelines for the operation of competitive grant programs, including applications, review, appeals processes, and matching funds requirements.

Grant guidelines for the Urban Greening Program will be developed and vetted through a public process, including review by the California Urban Forests Council and the California Community Forest Advisory Council. Eligible grant applications will be reviewed by a committee with interdisciplinary and multi-department/agency representation, using the evaluation criteria contained in the grant guidelines.

ts selected for funding under the grant programs are required to spend grant funds according to the approved project scope and budget. CAL FIRE – Urban Forestry requires quarterly progress reports for all projects, conducts site visits during implementation and provides direct technical assistance and oversight, as needed. Grantees must submit supporting documentation for each expense, with reimbursements approved only for eligible expenses pursuant to program guidelines and contained within the approved project budget. The Department also withholds up to ten percent of each payment request to be released upon satisfactory project completion.
ojects funded via the grant programs receive a close-out visit conducted by CAL FIRE-Urban Forestry staff at the time the project is complete and prior to releasing final grant funds. The purpose of the close-out field visit is to ensure all project components were completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the grant agreement, including project scope and budget. All grantees must comply with all current laws and regulations which apply to the project and submit documents summarizing total project costs and all additional funding sources. Final payment is withheld until all documentation is provided and all conditions of the grant are met.

“Meni-Trees: Leafing the Way” Project
Acorns to Oaks
Anaheim Parks Urban Reforestation Project
Arbor Walk at the Land Use Learning Center
Arbor Week and Professional Education
Ascot Hills Green Infrastructure & BMP Demonstration Project
Atwater Urban Forestry Project
Avenal Sports Complex Tree Planting Program
California ReLeaf Tree Planting Program
California ReLeaf Urban Forestry Grant Program
California Urban Forest Council
Campus Forestry Project: San Fernando Sr. H.S.
Caruthers High School Tree Planting Program
Centennial Park Bike Path Tree Planting
Central Valley Transportation Center (CVTC) Greening Initiative
Chino Hills Trails Planting Project
Chino Hills Tree Inventory Upgrade
Chino Hills Urban Tree Planting
Citizen Arborist Training Program
City of Berkeley Urban Foestry Inventory
City of Newman Tree Planting Program
City of Salinas
City of San Marcos Urban Forestry Inventory
City of Walnut Tree Inventory/Asset Management Integration Project
City of Waterford Urban Tree Planting Project
Citywide Urban Forestry Project "Green Trees"
Community Tree Plantings with Community Groups
CUFR Second Generation Tree Carcon Calculator (CTCC)
Culver City Urban Forest Management and Tree Succession Plan
Dixon Tree Planting Project
Earlimart District Wide Tree Beautification Project
East Palo Alto Reforestation
Educating Inner City Youth about Urban Forests
Emerald Necklace Regional Tree Planting Initiative
Environmental Scan of Urban Forest Opportunities
Eureka Urban and Community Forestry Project
Eureka Urban Tree Planting
Evaluation of structural pruning as an economically viable practice in urban forest management
Firebaugh-Las Deltas USD Green Trees Project
Fremont High School Land Use Garden
Goleta Valley Beautiful 2009-11
Green Cities Coalition
Green Presciption
Green Trees for Pasadena
Green Trees for Pico Rivera
Green Trees for the City of Orange
Green Trees for the Golden State
Green Up Livingston
Greening San Jose
Heritage Park Tree Planting Project
Inventory of city owned tree resource.
Inventory of city owned tree resource.
Invest From the Ground Up
Invest From the Ground Up Campaign
LAUSD Urban Forestry and Urban Greening Education Program
Living Library - Urban Arboretum
Long Beach Parks, Recreation, and Marine Tree Inventory
Los Angeles Urban Youth Forestry Program
Neighborhood Tree Planting
Neighborhood Tree Planting Program
New Urban Forestry Education and Product Development
North East Trees/Greening HACLA Sites
Norwalk Community Tree Planting Partnership
Old Oakland Neighborhood Tree Planting
Orange Urban Forest Inventory Project
Orange Urban Reforestation Project
Patterson Citywide Tree Inventory Project
PEC Urban Forest Shade Tree Grant
Planning for Pasadena's Urban Forest
Porterville Schools
Quality of Nursery Trees for CA's Urban Forests
Recycled Concrete Rainwater Gardens Demonstration Project
Reforestation of Mendota Unified School District Campuses
Reforestation of the University at California at Riverside campus
Restore Our Riparian Forest
Rooftop Resource Garden - Urban Greening
Rotary park and River trail planting
Sacramento County Multi-District Tree Inventory
Sacramento County Multi-District Tree Inventory
Salinas Tree Inventory
San Francisco Urban Tree Planting, Care & Education
San Jose Comm. Tree Bank & Training Center
San José Street Tree Inventory, Phase 5
School Campus Forestry Program
School Campus Tree Planting
School Campus Tree Planting
School Greening Initiative
SelecTree Connection to California Nursery Outlets
Shade for Students
Shade for Sundale
Shasta County Tri-City Urban Forest and Demonstration Project
Solano Community College: Urban Demonstration Orchard
Specifications for planting trees in the urban forest
Statewide Urban Forestry Sustainability Plan
Stockton Tree Inventory
Storm Water Capture with Vegetation
Sustaining Shade for Students - E. Palo Alto
Targeted Low-Canopy Project Areas in Central & SO. L.A.
Technique for Preventing Tree Root Conflicts
Technologies for Street Treees
Ten Thousand Trees Project
The Davis, Woodland, Dixon Tree Trifecta
The Groundwork Green Tree Team
Tool Kit for Development of Urban Forest Mgmt Plans
Training Holistic Urban Professionals
Transformational Greening of East Bidwell Street - Folsom
Tree Education for Merced County
Tree Inventory and Evaluation
Tree Planting in Alhambra
Tree Planting in Coalinga
Tree Planting in Dublin
Tree Planting in High Use Regional Parks
Tree Tours Educational Program
TreePeople-Urban Forestry Action Center
Trees Across San Diego
Trees for Oakland Flatlands
Trees for Temecula-Citywide
Trees for the Oakland Flatlands
Trees for the Trail
Tulare County Community Greening Project
Tulare Tree Inventory Project (T-TIP)
United Voices for Healthier Communities
Upland - Keep the Green
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory
Urban Forest Inventory - Parks in Disadvantaged Communities
Urban Forest Management Plan
Urban Forest Management Plan
Urban Forest Management Plan
Urban Forest Management Planning for City of San Diego
Urban Forest Mapping Project
Urban Forest Offset Protocol Protocol Streamlining
Urban Forest Replinishment
Urban Forestation Phase I Program
Urban Forestry Decision-Maker Education Campaign
Urban Forestry Education For Corps Members - Job Training
Urban Forestry Education Grant
Urban Forestry Education Grant
Urban Forestry Education, Expansion and Outreach Program
Urban Forestry Inventory
Urban Forestry Master Plan for the City of Monterey
Urban Forestry Youth Education
Urban Greening and Public Health Collaboration and Integration
Urban Greening Mitigation for Fourth Bore of Caldecott Tunnel
Urban Tree Canopy Analysis
Urban Tree Key
Urban Tree Planting Project
Urban Tree Planting, Education, and Care
Walnut Creek Tree Inventory/ Asset Management Integration Project
Wonderful Outdoor World (WOW)
Youth Greening Oakland