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Sierra Nevada Conservancy Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Bond Statute: 75050(j)
Implementing Statute:

  • Front-end
  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up
The SNC grant program will fund projects and activities within the region consistent with the seven program areas contained in the statute creating the Conservancy. The funds will be used for the protection and restoration of rivers, lakes and streams, their watersheds and associated land, water and other natural resources. Public agencies, non-profit organizations and tribal organizations are eligible to receive grants. Grants will be awarded based on current criteria as established on the SNC grants page.
Projects selected for funding under the SNC program are required to spend grant funds according to the approved project scope and budget. The SNC requires semi-annual progress reports for all projects and conducts site visits during construction for each development project. Payment requests must include a certification by the grantee that each expense complies with requirements outlined in the grant agreement. Grantees must also submit supporting documentation for each expense, with reimbursements approved only for eligible expenses pursuant to program guidelines and contained within the approved project budget. The SNC also withholds up to ten percent of each payment request to be released upon project completion.
All projects funded via the SNC Grant program receive a close-out visit conducted by the SNC at the time the project is complete and prior to releasing final grant funds. The purpose of the close-out field visit is to ensure all project components were completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the grant agreement, including project scope and budget. All grantees must comply with all current laws and regulations which apply to the project and submit documents summarizing total project costs and all additional funding sources.

101 Ranch Conservation Easement
2008 California Forestry Challenge
ACCG Collaborative Project: West Calaveras Plantation Thinning NEPA
Ackerson Meadows: Keystone Habitat for Great Gray Owls
Agri-Nature Tourism Small Business Development Workshops for Fresno and Tulare Counties
Alpine County Hazardous Fuels Reduction & Healthy Watershed Project
Alpine Meadows Community Consolidated Fuels Reduction Project
Alpine Watershed Group Water Quality Monitoring Program, Years 4-5
Amador County Watershed Stewardship Project
American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break
American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break II
American River Educational Outreach Publications
Ash Valley Ranch Native Grassland Restoration
Assessing and Restoring Deer Creek Watershed
Atkinson-Piasecki Ranch Conservation Easement
Audubon California Kern River Preserve Visitor Facility Planning Project
Barry Property Pre-planning
Bear Valley Meadow: Restoring Cultural and Ecological Integrity
Big Chico Creek Watershed Linkage Project
Big Meadows Restoration Project
Biomass Removal on National Forest Lands
Bloody Run Sub-watershed Forest Improvement
Bob Powers Gateway Preserve Strategic Plan
Bohna Ranch Conservation Easement
Buffalo-Skedaddle Landscape Management and Restoration Initiative - Project Coordinator
Buffalo-Skedaddle Landscape Mngmt & Restoration Initiative
Burney Gardens Restoration Planning Project
Butte Creek Meadow Restoration Project
C.A.R.E. Environmental Ethics in the Sierra Nevada Video
Calaveras Big Trees State Park Fuels Treatments
Calaveras County Conservation Planning Project: Integrating Habitat and Open Space Protection Into the County's General Plan Update (Phase One)
Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions Project (CHIPS)
California Rangeland Trust Sierra Nevada Rangeland Assessment Project
Camp Sacramento Erosion Control and Habitat Improvement Project
Campstool Ranch & Working Forest
Camptonville Forest Biomass Business Center Feasibility Study
Canyon View Watershed and Habitat Restoration Project
Caples Creek Watershed Fuels Reduction and Meadow Restoration: A Sierra Nevada Region water purveyor and federal land manager working together to protect water supplies within the Sierra Nevada.
Carman Creek Watershed Forest Ecosystem Health Improvement Project
Cattle Drive Trail Shaded Fuel Break Phase 3
Celebrating Conservation - Benton Hot Springs Valley
Central Modoc River Center Capacity Building Project
Central Sierra Resource Mapping
Central Sierra Smart Growth Conference
Central Sierra Watershed Education Program
Chadwick Ranch Conservation Easement
Childs Meadows Head Cut Repair Project
Cinnamon Ranch Agriculture and Resource Protection Project
Clear Creek Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project
Cody Meadow Restoration Project
Cold Stream Canyon Acquisition
Coldstream Canyon: Design and Permitting for Creek and Floodplain Restoration
Collins Lake Acquisition Project (Siller Property)
Complying with CEQA for Forest Management: Natural & Cultural Resource Surveys in Coldstream Canyon - Donner Memorial State Park
Comprehensive Interpretive Plan - Yosemite National Park and Surrounding Communities
Concow Resilence Project
Control Velvetgrass (Holcus lanatus) in the Kern Canyon of Sequoia National Park and Sequoia National Forest
Cosumnes Watershed Home Yard Audits
Create a Restoration Plan for Cahoon Meadow, Sequoia National Park
CRT Conservation Easement Grant Request - Goodwin Ranch
CRT Conservation Easement Grant Request - Maddalena Ranch
Crystal Cave Solar Generation Project
Day Lassen Bench Fuel Reduction & Watershed Restoration Project
Deer Creek-Mill Creek Acquisition: Pre-Project Planning
Defensible Space Chipper Program
Defensible Space Inspection Program
Develop Visitor Access and Outdoor Education Plan for Blue Oak Ranch Preserve
Developing a Working Landscapes Watershed Management Plan for the Almanor Basin
Diamond Mountain Forest & Meadow Restoration
Dutch Flat Creek Enhancement and Nelson Ranch Sustainability Project
East Carson River Riparian Restoration Project
East Walker River Assessment and Watershed Plan
Eastern Placer Creek Signage
Eastern Sierra Citizen Watershed Assessments
Eastern Sierra IRWMP Launch Project
Eastern Sierra Watershed Project
Eco-Tech Park Planning: Loyalton Biomass Co-Generation Plant Campus
Enhancing Water Supply and Improving Dam Operations Through Improved Upstream Forest Management
Environmental Benefits of Grazing Educational Tour and Video
Environmental Review: Assessing the Impacts of Removing Mercury-Laden Sediment from Combie Reservoir
Environs Mining Legacy Assessment Project
Feather Falls Shaded Fuel Break Phase III
Feather River College - Watershed Improvement Project CEQA Compliance
Feather River College Hatchery
Feather River College Hatchery - Project Fish - Education and Tourism
Feather River Watershed Stewardship and Education
Filippini Ranch Riparian Restoration
Final Planning and Design for the Trout Creek Pocket Park Restoration Project
Fine Gold Creek Riparian Fencing
Finnon Lake Restoration and Habitat Improvement Project
Fish Friendly Farming - Phase II
Fish Friendly Farming and Fish Friendly Ranching: Amador County
Fish Friendly Farming and Fish Friendly Ranching: Placer County
Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Program
Forbestown Fuel Break – Phases 3 & 5
Forbestown Shaded Fuel Break Environmental Compliance
Forest Health Chipper Program
French Meadows Project
FSCNC Defensible Space Advisory
Fuel Reduction Along County Roads
Fuel Treatment Monitoring and Educational Publication
Garden Bar Preserve Riparian Restoration and Grazing Management Planning Grant
Gillis Hill Fuel Break
Grand Bluffs Forest 2011-2012
Green Fields of Golden Sierra
Greenhorn Creek Integrated Restoration Project
Grizzly Creek Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project
Ground Hog Meadow Watershed Restoration Project
Hangtown Creek Comprehensive Watershed Plan
Harvego Bear River Preserve Improved Forest Management Implementation Project
Hathaway Ranch Riparian Zone Restoration Planning
Hazel Creek and Hazel Creek Campground Restoration
Hazel Meadow Restoration Project
Heart K Forest Health Project
Hidden Falls Regional Park - Fuel Load Reduction and Related Fire Safe Activities
Hidden Falls Regional Park - Trail Connectivity Studies
Hidden Falls Regional Park Agricultural and Public Use Improvements
Hirschman's Pond Healthy Forest Initiative
Hope Valley Meadow Restoration
Hulsman Ranch Conservation Easement
Humbug Creek Watershed Assessment and Management Plan
Independence Lake Watershed Acquistion
Integrated Meadow Restoration and Grazing in Shell Meadow
Integrated Restoration and Grazing in Hope Valley Meadow
Invasive Weed Management in the Merced River Corridor
Inventory and Geographic Reference of Firefighting Water Resources
Inyo and Mono Counties Community Based Land Tenure Planning
Inyo Complex Post Fire Watershed Recovery
Inyo Forest Restoration and Conservation Project
Iron Canyon Fish Passage Project
Jamison Ranch Conservation Easement
June Loop Fuels Reduction Project
Kelty Meadow Campground Restoration and Facilities Improvement Project
Kern Plateau Stream and Riparian Restoration
Kern River Valley and Walker Basin Agricultural Lands Improvement Project
Kramer Ranch Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project
La Porte Rd II HFR
LDSF Fuelbreak/Flat Top Biomass
Learning Landscapes
Lemon Canyon Ranch
Lemon Canyon Ranch Acquisition
Lily Gap Forest Health Project, Phase II
Lily Gap Forest Health Project, Phase II
Little Butte Creek Forest Health Project
Little Chico Creek Appraisal Project
Little Valley Forest and Meadow Watershed Restoration Project
Lone Pine Water Reclamation Feasibility Study
Loney Meadow Aspen Regeneration Project, Phase 2
Long Meadow Restoration Project
Long Ridge Allotment Rangeland Improvement Project
Love Creek Working Forest Conservation Easement
Love Creek Working Forest Project- Phase II
Low Impact Development Guidebook
Lower Ash Creek Restoration Planning Project
Lower Ash Creek Wildlife Area Restoration Project
Lower Beaver Creek Planning Project
Lower Deer Creek Healthy Revegetation Project
Lower Owens Invasive Plant Removal and Survey Project
Lower Owens River Project Recreational Use Plan
Lower Owens River Watershed Habitat Improvement Project
Lower Rose Creek Restoration Project
Malum Ridge Healthy Forest and Watershed Protection
Mammoth Lakes Basin Interagency Collaborative Planning
Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Concept and Master Planning (MLTPA CAMP)
Mariposa County Chipping Program
Mariposa County Defensible Space Assistance/Hazardous Fuel Chipping Program Phase I (Cutting and Piling)
Mariposa County Integrated Regional Water Mangement Plan Launch Project
Markleeville Creek Restoration Project
Mason/Monchamp/Balcom Streambank Stabilization and Floodplain Enhancement Project
McBride Springs/Willow Creek Restoration Planning and Development Project
McClelland/Eagle Lake Ranch Appraisal
Meadow Ranch
Merced River Center, Phase I, Building Renovation
Mercury Bioavailability and Transport in Deer Creek over Lake Wildwood Reservoir
Merrill Davies Stream and Meadow Restoration
Middle Fork Feather River Noxious Weed Management Project
Mill City Fuels Reduction Project
Mill City Fuels Reduction Project
Modoc Line Land Acquisition Evaluation and Management Plan
Mono Basin Resource Stewardship
Mono County Land Donation and Exchange
Mono County Thermal Biomass Project
Moonlight Fire Area Restoration Project - CEQA Compliance
Mountain Home Fuel Load Reduction Project
Nelder Grove Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project
Nelder Grove Hazardous Fuels Reducton Project, Phase II
Nevada City Environs Trail and Restoration Project
Nevada County (FIRST) Community Shaded Fuelbreak and Riparian Forest Restoration Project
Nevada County (FIRST) Defensible Space Recognition & Home Tour
North Grove Forest Restoration Project
North Yuba Forest Health Planning
Northern Sierra Carbon Cooperative- Ecosystem Services Inventory
Northern Tulare County-Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Northstar Fuels Site Mngmt/Maintenance 2
Noxious Weed Eradication in El Dorado and Alpine Counties
Oakvale Ranch
Oakvale Ranch Easement Acquistion
Oro De Amador Removal Action Workplan Project
Parks and Recreation and Trail System Master Plans Program Environmental Impact Report
Pearce Family Ranch Conservation Easement Acquisition
Phase 2, Lower Squaw Creek Restoration
Phoenix Lake Preservation and Restoration Plan
Pine Creek Linkage Project
Pine Grove Planning Unit, Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Pioneer / Volcano Planning Unit Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Pit River Planning and Development Project
Placer County Department of Agriculture A-Rated Noxious Weed Eradication in the Sierra Nevada
Planning High-Priority Invasive Plant Management in Mixed Conifer Forests in the Sierra Nevada
Planning to Plan for Better Integration of Water Management Among Local Governments in the North Central Sierra Region
Planning, Coordination and Education Expenses
Plumas Co. FSC Educational and Publication Development Project
Plumas Community Energy Wood Processing Facility
Plumas County Fire Safe Council Community Hazardous Fuel Reduction Planning
Plumas County Trails Master Plan
Post-Fire Invasive Weed Management in the Upper Merced River Watershed
Pre-acquisition Work on Four Strategic Land Conservation Projects
Pre-acquisition Work on Strategic Land Conservation Projects - Phase II
Pre-engineering Study: City of Alturas biomass-based district heating in support of the Forest Health Sage Steppe Project
Prevention/Education Program and Council Development
Providence Mine Remediation Project
Purchase of the Gold Hill Ranch and Wakamatsu Colony Site
Pyle Ranch Conservation Easement
Raintree Forest Health Project
Rangers in the Classroom
Ratto Ranch Conservation Easement - Appraisal and Planning
Regional Approach for Water Reuse
Regional Water and Wastewater Reconnaissance Study for Hwy 4 Corridor
Restoration of Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs in SEKI: Pre-Project Due Diligence
Restoration Plan for Upper North Yuba Watershed
Revive the San Joaquin, San Joaquin River Restoration Stewards Partnership Network
Rickert Ranch Conservation Easement
Rim Fire Restoration Planning
Rim Fire Restoration Project
Rim Fire Springs Assessment
Robber's Creek Mill Site "How To" Guide
Robinson Mine Project
Rogers Key Brand Ranch Conservation Easement
Rudnick Ranch Acquisition
Rush Creek Improvement Project
Sagehen Old Forest Sensitive Species Habitat Restoration
Sand Canyon Environmental Education Program
Side Hill Citrus Conservation Easement
Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin Acquisitions- Biehl Parcel on Lusk Meadow
Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin Appraisal and Acquistion Program (Packer Saddle Property)
Sierra Buttes/Lakes Basin Appraisal and Acquistion Program (Volcano Property)
Sierra Buttes/Lakes Land Appraisals and Acquisitions (Appraisal Phase)
Sierra Cascade Land Trust Council - Sierra Cascade Foothill Region Conservation
Sierra Crest Working Forest Conservation Easement Phase III
Sierra Meadows Partnership Prioritization Tool
Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project
Sierra Nevada Alliance: Land and Water Project
Sierra Nevada Classroom Project (SNCP)
Sierra Nevada Foothills Native Plant Demonstration Garden
Sierra Nevada Rangeland 2008 Pre-Project Due Diligence Tasks, Key Brand Angus Ranch
Sierra Nevada Rangeland 2008 Pre-Project Due Diligence Tasks, Penobscot Ranch
Sierra Nevada Science Institute: Development of a Timeline and Business Plan
Sierra Nevada Trails and Recreation Initiative - Planning
Sierra Nevada Trails and Recreation Initiative - Project
Sierra Valley Agricultural Water Quality and Habitat Enhancement Project
Sierra Valley RCD Watershed Outreach Event Proposal
Sierra Valley Sub-Basin Modeling Project
Sierra Water Trust: Building Capacity in the Sierra Nevada to Assess and Fulfill Critical Flow Augmentation Needs
Sinnamon Meadows Agricultural Conservation Easement
Soaproot Restoration Project
South Ash Valley Riparian Monitoring Project
South Ash Valley Watershed Restoration Project
South Fork American River (SFAR) Water Quality and Recreation Study
South Knob Sagebrush Steppe Watershed Restoration Project *
South Knob Sagebrush Steppe Watershed Restoration Project/Ash Valley *
Southern Sierra IRWMP Launch Project
Southern Tulare County-Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Squaw Valley Park Fuels Reduction and Related FireSafe Activities
Stewardship Contracting Workshops
Stockton Creek Preserve and Trail
Stockton Creek Preserve Vegetation Management
Sulphur Creek Bank Stabilization Demonstration Project Environmental Review
Sulphur/Barry Creek Confluence Restoration Project Environmental Review
Supporting Development of Wood Products Markets through Construction of a Cross Laminated Timber Building
Susanville Fuel Reduction & Watershed Restoration Project
Swanson Canyon Hazardous Fuel Reduction Riparian Enhancement CE/EA
Swauger Creek Shaded Fuelbreak and Habitat Improvement
The North Fork Community - Scale Biomass Project
The Upper Long Valley Creek Agricultural Lands Improvement Project
Topping Ranch Conservation Easement
Tramway Road/A-Line Road Shaded Fuel Break CEQA Environmental Analysis Project
Tree Mortality Crisis Response on Private Lands
Truckee – Boca Musk Thistle Attack Project
Tule River Environmental Review
Tule River Improvement Project
Tule River Site Improvement Project II
Tule River Watershed Restoration Project
Tuolumne County Water Quality Plan Coordinated Watershed Management Program
Tuolumne Ditch System Sustainability Project
Tuscan Headwaters Project
Twin Lakes Drainage Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project
Union Hill Fuels Reduction Project
Upper Chiquito Creek Meadow Restoration Project
Upper Pete's Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Upper Stephens Meadow Restoration Project
Upper Tuolumne and Stanislaus Watersheds Meadows Restoration
US Hwy. 40 (Donner Pass Road) Shoulder Rehabilitation
Van Vleck Meadow Complex Assessment and Restoration Plan
Vegetation Management: Forest Thinning, Brush Mastication and Prescribed Burning
Visitor Access/Outdoor Education Plan and Visitor Guide for Homer Ranch and Dry Creek Preserves
Watershed Restoration Projects, Planning and Development
Watersheds and Protected Lands for the Sierra Nevada
Watersheds: Human Connections
Webber Lake and Lacey Meadow Acquisition
Weed Treatment on the Westside of the Tahoe NF
Welcome to the Foothills, A Guide to Living Lightly in ___County
White Sulphur Springs Ranch Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project
White Sulphur Springs Ranch Hydrologic and Spring Protection Plan
Willow Creek Springs Hazardous Fuel Reduction
Willow Creek Watershed Restoration Planning Project
Wilseyville Woody Biomass Utilization Product Yard Development Engineering Plans
Wood Chip Mine Site Reclamation Project
Woodpecker Preserve Forest Restoration Project
Yuba 2010: Tools and Capacity for Community Supported Watershed Science, Protection and Restoration
Yuba River Wildlife and Recreation Area; Conservation and Acquisition Program Phase 1
Yuba River Wildlife Area - Rice's Crossing Priority Acquisition Project Phase II