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Coastal Salmon and Steelhead Fishery Restoration Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Bond Statute: 75050(a)
Implementing Statute: Public Resource Code 6217.1-2,

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  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up

The focus of the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) is to restore anadromous salmonid habitat with the goal of ensuring the survival and protection of Coho salmon, Steelhead trout, Chinook salmon, and Cutthroat trout in coastal watersheds of California. Established in 1981, this collaborative effort has involved more than 600 stakeholders in restoring declining salmon and Steelhead trout habitat. Over the last 25 years, the FRGP has invested over $170 million and supported approximately 2,600 salmonid restoration projects.

Projects are selected for funding through an annual solicitation, typically released in the spring. The intent of the Solicitation process is to solicit and fund projects that are consistent with the Steelhead Restoration and Management Plan for California and the Recovery Strategy for California Coho Salmon (see below). Projects range from education and instream barrier removal, to riparian restoration and project monitoring. Each proposal received by the due date goes through a rigorous review process by a technical review team, regional field evaluators, the California Coastal Salmonid Restoration Grants Peer Review Committee, and the Director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Through this process, reviewers evaluate the biological soundness and the technical and cost effectiveness of proposals and make recommendations for funding based on coast-wide and regional goals and priorities.

This program provides CEQA, 401 and 404 permit coverage for most of the projects funded through this program.


Projects selected for funding under the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) are required to spend grant funds according to the approved project scope and budget. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife conducts frequent site visits for each project to ensure the project is proceeding as planned. Each invoice for payment must be accompanied by a written description of the Grantee’s performance. The report shall describe the types of activities and specific accomplishments during the period for which the payment is being made. The final invoice must include a budget summary of cost share expenditures by fund source. The Grantee must provide supporting documentation for the invoice and actual receipts upon request of the Grant Manager. Ten percent is withheld from each and every payment pending fulfillment of the Grantee’s obligations herein. Upon completion of the Grantee’s obligations, the Grantee must invoice for the payment retention. The Grantee maintains complete and accurate records of its actual project costs and retains records throughout the term of the Grant and for a period of three years after receipt of final payment for purposes of an audit. Expenditures not documented, and expenditures not allowed under the Grant or otherwise authorized by the Grantor shall be borne by the Grantee.


Projects funded via the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program (FRGP) receive a close-out visit conducted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at the time the project is complete and prior to releasing final grant funds. The purpose of the close-out field visit is to ensure all project components were completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the grant agreement, including project scope and budget. All grantees must comply with all current laws and regulations which apply to the project and submit documents summarizing total project costs and all additional funding sources.

2008 Little Jack Creek Fish Passage Barrier Removal - Navarro River
2011 Dutch Bill Creek Coho Habitat Enhancement Project
2011 Little S.F. Elk River Road Decommissioning Project
5 Counties Salmonid Conservation Program (5C)
Adaptive Watershed Improvement Projects 2007
Adult Coho Redd Surveys and Abundance Estimates in the Lower Klamath
Albion River Spawning Habitat Enhancement Project
AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project - Service Year 19
Arroyo Sequit Check Dam Removal
Assessing Instream Flows in Pismo Creek Watershed
Assessing Road-Related Sediment Sources in the Napa River Watershed
Bank Stabilization, San Antonio Creek
Beith Creek Road Decommissioning and Sediment Control Project
Blackhawk Canyon Creek Watershed Sediment Reduction Project- Phase 1
CalFish: Data and Tools for Public Outreach in Selected North Coast Watersheds
California Coastal Watershed Planning and Assessment Program (2010-11)
California Habitat Restoration Project Database (CHRPD) 2013-2014
Calistoga Road Fish Passage Retrofit Project
Capacity Building to Restore Coho Salmon in Outlet & Tenmile Creeks
Caspar Watershed - Ziemer Road Decommissioning
CCC Camarillo Steelhead Support Team
Central and South Coast Restoration Monitoring and Evaluation Program
Coastal Mendocino County Salmonid Life Cycle & Regional Monitoring
Coastal Mendocino County Salmonid Life Cycle and Regional Monitoring
Coastal Mendocino County Salmonid Life Cycle and Regional Monitoring
Coastal Monitoring: Napa River Watershed Fisheries Monitoring Program
Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout Life Cycle Monitoring Station: Developing a Decision Matrix for Assessing the Appropriate Life Cycle Monitoring Equipment for Scott Creek, CA with other Applications to other Coastal Streams
Conner Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project
Cottaneva Creek Habitat Restoration Project
Cultural Resources, Paleontological and Rare Plant Surveys
Cultural Resources, Paleontological and Rare Plant Surveys
DIDSON Adult Salmonid Counting Station on Lagunitas Creek
DIDSON Steelhead Population Viability Monitoring - Santa Ynez and Ventura Rivers
DIDSON Steelhead Population Viability Monitoring - Santa Ynez and Ventura Rivers
Dominie Creek and Rowdy Creek Fish Passage Feasibility Study
Dutch Bill Creek Sediment Source Reduction Project
Dutch Charlie and Redwood Creek Watershed Action Plan for Coho Recovery
Enhancing Fish Passage in San Francisquito Creek Watershed
Ettersburg Area Sediment Reduction Project for Coho Recovery
Fish Habitat Assistant
Fish Passage Design and Engineering Workshop
Fish Passage Improvement on Crossing 2, Quiota Creek
Fish Passage Improvements at Crossing 0a and 0b, Quiota Creek
Fish Passage Restoration at Roy's Pools
Fish Screening Facilities at Alameda Creek Diversion Pipelines – Design Phase
FishNet 4C-Fishery Network of Central California Coastal Counties
Fortuna Boulevard's Strongs Creek Culvert Replacement
Garcia Forest Signal Creek Watershed Implementation Project, Phase 1
Garden-Heath Canyon Roads Project: A Component of "Roads Improvement in the Napa River Basin: Sulphur and Carneros Creek Watersheds"
Gobernador Debris Basin Modification Project
Green Gulch Habitat Enhancement
Green Valley Coho Enhancement IV
Green Valley Creek Roads Implementation Project-Phase II
Grizzly Creek Coordinated Conservation Planning Project
Gualala Wood In the Stream Program
Iaqua Ranch Roads Sediment Reduction, Phase I
Jack of Hearts Creek Sediment Assessment and Erosion Prevention Planning
Juvenile Salmonid Use of Tidal Portions of Humboldt Bay Streams
Kenny Creek and Mud Creek Sediment Reduction Project - Phase I
Klamath Community Stewardship Project
Lawrence Creek Road Decommissioning and Coho Habitat Improvement Project
Lower Forsythe Creek Restoration Project
Lower Maple Creek Riparian Corridor Enhancement
Mad River 4850 and 4851 Road Decommissioning and Erosion Prevention Project
Mad-Redwood Hydrologic Unit Regional Adult Salmonid Monitoring
Mainstem SF Elk River Sediment Reduction and Habitat Improvement Project
Malibu Creek Watershed Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study-Rindge Dam Removal, Malibu Area, Los Angeles County, CA
Marine survival of coho salmon across California coastal streams
Mark West Creek Regional Park & Open Space Preserve
Mattole Flow Program Streamflow Monitoring 2014 to 2016
Mattole Flow Restoration Proj. Stream flow and Groundwater Monitoring
Mid Klamath River LiDAR Project
Middle Van Duzen River Phase 10 Upslope Restoration Project
Middle Van Duzen River Phase 3 Upslope Restoration Project
Middle Van Duzen River Phase 4 Upslope Restoration Project
Mill Creek Roads Sediment Reduction
Mill Creek Tributaries Fish Passage Design
Mirabel Dam Modifications for Improved Fish Passage
Mission Creek Fish Passage Project – Construction Phase 2
Monitor the Redwood Creek Restoration at Muir Beach for Function and Coho Use
Napa River Sediment Reduction and Habitat Enhancement Plan: Oakville to Oak Knoll - Phase 1 Implementation
NOAA SWFSC Coho Captive Broodstock Program
Nolan and Thurston Creeks Coho Habitat Enhancement Project
North Coast Restoration Monitoring and Evaluation Program
North Fork Mad River Coho Cover Enhancement Project
Pacheco Reservoir Reopening Project
Pilarcitos Watershed Road Assessment
Pinkham Project
Prairie Creek Sub-Basin Life Cycle Monitoring
Quiota Creek Fish Passage Improvement project - Crossings 7
Rancho Tajiguas Barrier Removal Project (Phase 3)
Rancho Tajiguas Barrier Removal Project – Phase 2
Redwood Creek LWD/Pool Improvement Project
Root Creek Road Decommissioning and Sediment Control Project
Rowdy Creek Instream Habitat Enhancement Project
Ryan Creek Habitat Sediment Reduction Project
Ryan Creek Watershed Assessment and Erosion Prevention Planning Project
Salmon Creek Coho Monitoring Program
Salmon Creek Coho Monitoring Program
Salmon Creek Road Decommissioning and Sediment Control Project
Salmon River Community Restoration Program
Salmonid Habitat Enhancement and Outreach Program
Salmonid Restoration Federation Steelhead Summit
Salt Creek Stream Habitat Restoration Project
San Clemente Dam Removal Project
San Geronimo Creek Upland Habitat Restoration Project
San Geronimo Golf Course Bank Stabilization Project
San Jose Creek Fish Passage Improvements
San Vicente Large Woody Debris Project Phase I
Santa Margarita River Habitat Assessment and Enhancement Plan
Santa Monica Mts Anadromous Adult and Juvenile Steelhead Monitoring
Santa Ynez and Ventura Rivers Technical Training and Education
Save Our Salmon (SOS) – Salmon Creek Mainstem Instream Habitat Enhancement Program – Phase 2
Scott Creek Life Cycle Monitoring Station
Scott River Fishery Habitat Enhancement
Scott River Water Quantity & Quality Monitoring
Sonoma County Coast "Salmon Skills" Workshop Series
South Coast Streams Fisheries Restoration
South Coast Streams Fisheries Restoration
Sweetwater Springs Fish Passage Design Project
Temporal monitoring of steelhead and coho salmon effective size
Upper Noyo River Wood and Boulder Enhancement Project
Usal Forest Watershed Action Plan for Recovery in the South Fork Eel River
Walker Creek Salmon Monitoring Program - Phase II
Walton Gulch Bridge
Water Conservation and Fish Habitat: Making the Connection
Watershed Stewards Project
Wilson Creek Instream Coho Enhancement Planning Project
Yager Creek Public/Private Upslope Sediment Reduction Project
Zuma Creek County Beach Arizona Crossing Replacement Design Alternatives Assessment for Steelhead Passage