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Watershed Coordinator Grant Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: Department of Conservation
Bond Statute: 75050(d)
Implementing Statute: Public Resources Code 5750 - 5756

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  • In-Progress
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The Watershed Coordinator Grant Program is a competitive grant program originally created as The Watershed Coordinator Grant Program for Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) established in the Budget Act of 2000 to fund watershed coordinators throughout the state. In 2004, the grant program was expanded through CALFED funding from the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act of 2002 (Proposition 50). The 2004-2007 grant program was open to special districts, nonprofit groups, and local governments. The program is administered by the Department of Conservation and awards funds to local public agencies and non-profit organizations to provide watershed coordination assistance to locally developed, community based watershed efforts. Revised grant guidelines have been developed to guide the expenditure of Prop 84 funds, using a public process in accordance with the bond statute and implementing legislation. Guidelines were vetted and adopted by the State Watershed Advisory Committee, appointed by the Secretary of Resources in October 2007. The Department of Conservation will solicit proposals for funding consideration in the near future. All proposals considered for funding are first screened for eligibility by the Department of Conservation and then evaluated, rated and ranked by a panel of external agency experts using the evaluation criteria contained in the grant guidelines. Grants are then awarded by the Department of Conservation. Proposition 84 funds have been appropriated for this program in the 2008/09 Budget Act.

applications selected for funding under the Watershed Coordinator Grant program are required to spend grant funds carrying out an approved, detailed work plan and budget. Each workplan identifies appropriate performance measures used to gauge progress in completing the work plan. The Department of Conservation requires quarterly progress reports for all grants, which include reporting tied to established performance measures. The Department also conducts annual site visits during implementation of each work plan. Payment requests must include a certification by the grantee that each expense complies with requirements described in the grant agreement. Grantees must also submit supporting documentation for each expense, with reimbursements approved only for eligible expenses pursuant to program guidelines and contained within the approved project budget.
ants funded via the Watershed Coordinator Grant Program will receive a close-out visit conducted by the Department of Conservation at the time the work plan is completed. The purpose of the close-out field visit is to ensure all work plan components are completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the grant agreement, including project scope and budget. All grantees must comply with all current laws and regulations which apply to the project and submit documents summarizing total costs and all additional funding sources.

Watershed Coordination - Amargosa river
Watershed Coordination - Big River
Watershed Coordination - Bodega Bay
Watershed Coordination - Carson River
Watershed Coordination - Colorado River- Palos Verde Valley
Watershed Coordination - Cottonwood Creek
Watershed Coordination - Gualala River
Watershed Coordination - Indian Wells & Searles Valley
Watershed Coordination - Lake Tahoe watersheds
Watershed Coordination - Lower Russian River
Watershed Coordination - Mad-Redwood HUA
Watershed Coordination - Malibu Creek
Watershed Coordination - Mattole River
Watershed Coordination - Middle Jan Joaquin river
Watershed Coordination - Mission Bay/Rose Creek Watershed
Watershed Coordination - Newport Bay Watersheds
Watershed Coordination - North Fork, Feather River Watershed
Watershed Coordination - North San Pablo Bay watersheds
Watershed Coordination - Pajaro River
Watershed Coordination - Redwood Creek
Watershed Coordination - RussianRiver
Watershed Coordination - Sacramento River watershed
Watershed Coordination - Salmon River Watershed
Watershed Coordination - Salt River- Eel RiverDelta
Watershed Coordination - San Gabriel River
Watershed Coordination - San Pablo Bay South
Watershed Coordination - SF Bay West Watershed
Watershed Coordination - South Fork Trinity River
Watershed Coordination - Susan River
Watershed Coordination - The Arroyo Seco
Watershed Coordination - Truckee River
Watershed Coordination - Tulare Lake Basin
Watershed Coordination - Upper Cache Creek
Watershed Coordination - Upper Chowchilla- Fresno Rivers
Watershed Coordination - Upper Kern River
Watershed Coordination - Upper Russian-Navarro Rivers
Watershed Coordination - Upper Sac.-McCloud Rivers WS
Watershed Coordination - Upper sacramento-McCloud Rivers
Watershed Coordination - Upper Yuba River
Watershed Coordination - Various Locations Statewide
Watershed Coordination - Ventura River