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SGC Modeling Incentives - CNRA

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: Secretary for Natural Resources
Bond Statute: 75065(c)
Implementing Statute:

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  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up

The Strategic Growth Council Modeling Incentives Program is a competitive program created under the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84).  The program, defined by the Legislature in the Budget Act of 2009 (AB 1 Section 45, Item 0540-101-6051) and further defined by the Strategic Growth Council, will be administered by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), with assistance from the California Natural Resources Agency.


Program bond expenditures will be made based under the broad guidance of the Proposition 84 Bond Act; SB 375; SB 732; Executive Orders S-03-05, S-06-06 and S-02-07; and direction from the Strategic Growth Council.


Modeling incentive criteria were developed and vetted by the Strategic Growth Council, which received written comments and held public meetings before finalizing the criteria and initiating an application period.  Eligible applications for modeling incentives were reviewed by key staff to the Strategic Growth Council.  Council members reviewed staff recommendations and made awards through a public process in late 2009.  Final criteria and award recipients are posted at SGC Model Incentives Grant Program.

Recipients selected for funding under the modeling incentives program are required to spend modeling incentive funds according to the approved project scope and budget.  Caltrans requires quarterly progress reports.  Caltrans will provide oversight and routine monitoring to ensure regular reporting from funding recipients and timely project completion.  Modeling incentive recipients must submit supporting documentation for each expense, with reimbursements approved only for eligible expenses pursuant to program guidelines and contained within the approved project budget.

All agencies receiving modeling incentive funds via this program will be required to conduct a close-out summary for distribution to the Strategic Growth Council at the time the activities are completed. The purpose of the close-out is to ensure all components of the project were completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the award, including project scope and budget.  All modeling incentive recipients must submit documents summarizing total project costs and all additional funding sources.  Final payment is withheld until all documentation is provided and all conditions of the modeling incentive are met.