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Strategic Growth Council Urban Greening Program

Administrating Agency: Resources Agency
Bond: Proposition 84
Department Name: Secretary for Natural Resources
Bond Statute: 75065(a), ref 2
Implementing Statute: SB 732 Dated 8/31/08

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  • In-Progress
  • Follow-up

The Strategic Growth Council Urban Greening Program is a competitive grants program created under the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84), administered by the California Natural Resources Agency, on behalf of  the Strategic Growth Council.  The Strategic Growth Council is composed of agency secretaries from the Business Transportation and Housing Agency, the California Health and Human Services Agency, the director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and a public member appointed by the Governor.  One of the SGC’s many objectives is managing and awarding financial assistance to cities, counties, and nonprofit organizations for the preparation, planning, and implementation of urban greening projects and plans.

Program bond expenditures will be made based under the broad guidance of the Proposition 84 Bond Act; SB 732; Executive Orders S-03-05, S-06-06 and S-02-07; and direction from the Strategic Growth Council.

Urban greening program criteria were developed and vetted by the Strategic Growth Council, which received written comments and held public meetings before finalizing the criteria and initiating an application period.  The Urban Greening program solicits projects and plans for funding consideration.  The Urban Greening Review Team, which includes staff and technical members, evaluates complete and eligible applications using the evaluation criteria contained in the grant guidelines and performs site visits on those projects that compete well during initial review.  Staff recommendations for awards are then presented to the Strategic Growth Council for approval at a council meeting.  Final award recipients are posted to the SGC Web site at Urban Greening Grant (UGG) Program.

Urban Greening projects and plans selected for funding under the California Urban Greening Program are required to spend grant funds according to the approved project scope and budget.  The Natural Resources Agency requires quarterly progress reports for all projects and conducts site visits during construction for each development project.  Payment requests must include a certification by the grantee that each expense complies with requirements outlined in the grant agreement.  Grantees must also submit supporting documentation for each expense, with reimbursements approved only for eligible expenses pursuant to program guidelines and contained within the approved project budget.  The Natural Resources Agency also withholds up to ten percent of each payment request to be released upon project completion.

All projects and plans funded via the Urban Greening Program receive a close-out review conducted by the Natural Resources Agency at the time the project is complete and prior to releasing final grant funds.  The purpose of the close-out field visit is to ensure all project components were completed according to program guidelines and the terms of the grant agreement, including project scope and budget.  For projects, all grantees must record a document against the project property that gives public notice of the Natural Resources Agency’s rights as specified in the grant agreement.  All grantees must comply with current laws and regulations which apply to the project and submit documents summarizing total project costs and all additional funding sources.

(Watsonville Wetlands Trails and Greenways -) Rolling Hills Connector Trail & Greenway
105th & Normandie Community Garden
16th Street Greenscape
21st Street Green Upgrade
Airport Neighborhood Urban Greening Master Plan
Alamo Creek Community-Based Restoration Project
Albany Beach Restoration and Public Access Project at East Shore State Park - Phase I
Anaheim Coves (Northern Extension) Urban Nature Park
Anaheim Urban Greening Plan
Ascot Hills Park Habitat Restoration & Greening Project
Ashland Cherryland Urban Greening Master Plan
Avalon Green Alley Demonstration Project
Baldwin Hills La Brea Greenbelt Plan
Bernal Heights Living Library
BFEF Urban Greening Project
Boeddeker Park and Urban Greening Project
Buena Vista Creek Project - Urban Park, Trail and Water Quality Enhancement
Buford Seed Project
Cabalerro Creek and Los Angeles River Confluence Park
Caesar Chavez Street Low Impact Development Greening Project
Candlestick Point State Recreation Area Healthy Habitats and Lifestyle Project
Cayuga Park Renovation
Centennial Park Riparian Forest Restoration and Loop Trail Development Project
Charles Paddock Zoo and Lake Park Green Parking Lot Project
Chollas Creek Trails and Park Project
Citrus Heights Urban Greening Strategy
City Heights Canyon Enhancements and Loop Trail
City Heights Urban Greening Plan
City of Alameda Urban Greening Plan
City of Clovis Urban Greening Master Plan
City of Oxnard Green Alleys Plan
City of Pacific Grove Urban Greening Plan
City of Pico Rivera Urban Greening Master Plan
City of Wasco Urban Greening Plan and Implementation Program
City of Watsonville Urban Greening Plan
Community Building through Urban Greening Planning for LAUSD
Cooley Landing Park
Creating Community School Parks and green rights of way in Pico Union.
Culver City Community Green Space Plan
Decoto Green Streets Project
Downtown Davis Parkway Greening Project
Downtown Los Angeles Open Space Master Plan
Downtown San Pedro Green Outlets and Pathways Plan
Eagle Rock Elementary Greening Project
East Hanford Downtown Streetscape Project
El Cerrito: Green Vision 2035
El Dorado Park on Pacoima Wash
El Portal Drive Greening Project
Emerald Necklace Forest to Ocean Expanded Vision Plan
Emerald Necklace Multi-Benefit Park & Greenway Project
Farmersville Canal Parkway
Franklin Ivar Park
Fresno Master Urban Greening Plan
Gateway Cities & River Uban Greening Plan
Glendale Green Street Demonstration Project
Grant Union High School Community Green Space Project
Greening Plan for Inglewood and Lennox
Greening the Last Mile of the Richmond Greenway
Greenway Landscape
Harbour to 8th Richmond Greenway Project
Hillcrest Drive Elementary Community Ecology Schoolyard
Hoover Avenue Park / Paradise Creek Walk
Jennings Waterway Landscape and trail Project
Kellogg Park Development Project
Los Angeles River & Aliso Creek Confluence Park Project
Mansell Corridor Improvement
March Lane Bicycle & Pedestrian Trail Greenscape
Mathieu Court Alley Greening Project
Metro Urban Greening Plan for Park & Ride Lots and Station Areas
Mill Creek Valley Oak Restoration Project
Miraflores Sustainable Community Greenbelt Project
Model Green Park Project at Eugene A. Obregon Park
Monrovia Transit Village Multi-benefit Park and Greenway Project
Museum of History and Art, Ontario - Sustainable Landscape and Education Gardens
Neighborhood Canyon Access and Enhancement Project
Noe Valley Town Square Development
North Bay Urban Greening Plan
North Campus Open Space
North Caruthers Park Urban Greening & Biofiltration Project
North Davis Riparian Greenbelt Project
Northwest Village Chollas Creek Enhancements (Phase 4)
Oakland Urban Greening Retrofit Plan
Ohlone Greenway Completion/Baxter Creek Restoration
Ohlone Greenway Natural Area and Rain Gardens
Oroville Urban Area Master Greening Plan
Pacoima Community Greening Plan
Pier 94 Restoration Project
Richmond Greenway 21st Street Portal and Rain Garden
Richmond Greenway Native Plant Garden Bioswale
Richmond Urban Greening Plan
Romain Park Community Cultural Garden
Salinas Urban Greening Master Plan
San Francisco Urban Forest Master Plan
San Pablo Avenue Green Stormwater Spine (El Cerrito 3)
Saturn Elementary School Urban Greening Project
Sausal Corner, Sequoia Elementary Bay-Friendly Schoolyard Project
South Channel Bikeway Urban Greening Project - Phase 2
Southcrest Trails Park
St. John's Riparian Corridor
St. John's River Riparian Corridor Restoration Project
Sun Valley Neighborhood Retrofit: Elmer Paseo
Sustaining Healthy Neighborhoods in the LA River Corridor thru Urban Agriculture
The Farm Park Project
The Growing Experience Urban Food Forest
The Tracks at Brea
Three Creeks Trail (Los Gatos Creek to Guadalupe River)
Town Square Community Plaza Project
Tracks at Brea - Segment 2 Construction
Transforming Inner-City Lost Lots
Upper Devereaux Slough/Ocean Meadows Acquisition
Upper Struve Slough Trail & Greenway
Urban Agriculture Initiative
Vanguard Learning Center Urban Greening Project
Victory Blvd Elementary Greening Project
Walnut Park Elementary School Urban Greening Project
Watts Central Avenue Urban Greening
West Oakland Community : Industrial Greenbelt Alliance
Willmore Courts and Ways Demonstration Project
Willow Springs Wetland
Willowbrook Walking Path / Compton Creek
Wilmington Urban Greening Plan
Wilshire Park Elementary School Native Habitat Garden