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Program: Water Recycling

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Water Recycling - Grant Program
Agency of Appropriation: State Water Resources Control Board
Guideline Status: Final Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

  • Description (click to expand)
    • This program, conducted by the State Water Resources Control Board, administers grants for water recycling projects as authorized in Proposition 1, Water Code section 79765(a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f)

Anaheim, City of- Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion
Apple Valley Subregional Wastewater- Reclamation Plant
Carlsbad Municipal Water District- Phase III Recycled Water Project
City of Brentwood Recycled Water - Construction Project Phase A and B1
City of Escondido - Membrane Filtration Reverse Osmosis Facility Construction Project
City of Hayward Recycled Water Project
City of Modesto- North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program
City of Pleasanton- Recycled Water Project
City of Rialto - Benefits of SND and Nano-Bubbles - Planning Project
City of Ukiah Recycled Water Pipeline - Planning Project
City of Woodland- Industrial Park Recycled Water Project
East Valley Water District - Construction Project
Eastern Municipal Water District - Purified Water Replenishment San Jacinto Brine Concentration Pilot Project
Eastern Municipal Water District Cottonwood Avenue Recycled Water Pipeline (West) - Construction Project
Eastern Municipal Water District Recycled Water Supply Optimization - Planning Project
Eastern Municipal Water District- Recycled Water Pond Expansion & Optimization Project
Eastern MWD Temecula Valley WR Pipeline - Construction Project
Eastern MWD- La Piedra Pipeline Expansion Project
El Toro Water District- Phase II Recycled Water Distribution System Expansion Project
Fresno, City of- Recycled Water Distribution System Southwest Quadrant
Hesperia Water District- Reclamation Water Pipeline Distribution System
Inland Empire RP-5 Recycled Water Pipeline Bottleneck - Construction Project
Inland Empire Utilities Agency RP-1 Recycled Water Pump Station Upgrades - Construction Project
Inland Empire Utility Agency - Central Area Recycled Water Project
Irvine Ranch WD- Lake Pipeline Conversion Project
Las Virgenes MWD - Pure Water Las Virgenes-Triunfo Demonstration - Planning Project
Los Angeles CSD San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant Flow Equalization Facilities Phase 1 - Construction Project
Los Angeles, City of Acting by and through the Dept. of Water & Power - LA Groundwater Replenishment Project Initial Phase – Ozone Demonstration Project
Los Angeles, City of- Griffith Park South Water Recycling Project
Los Carneros Water District- LCWD Recycled Water Pipeline Project
Malibu, City of- Civic Center Wasterwater & Recycling Facility Phase I
Marina Coast WD Regional Urban Water Augmentation - Constrution Project
Marina Coast WD Regional Urban Water Augmentation, Phase 2 - Construction Project
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Potable Reuse Treatment- Planning Project
Monterey One Water
Napa County Departments of Public Works - MST Recycled Water Project
North Marin Water District- Recycled Water Expansion to Central Service Area
Orange County Water District- La Palma Recharge Basin Project
Orange County Water Production Flow Enhancement - Construction Project
Orange County WD Mid Basin Centennial Park Injection - Construction Project
Padre Dam MWD- Water Recycling Facility Phase I Expansion
Pajaro Valley WMA- Recycled Water Treatment & Storage Phase I- 1.5MG
Pajaro Valley WMA- Recycled Water Treatment & Storage Phase II- Treatment & Filtration
Pajaro Valley WMA- Recycled Water Treatment & Storage Phase III- 0.5 MG Storage Tank
Petaluma, City of- Expansion of Recycled Treatment Capacity and Urban Distribution System
Regional San/SPA/City of Sacramento Water Recycling Project- Phase I
San Diego, City of- Sorrento Mesa Recycled Water Pipeline
San Francisco PUC Westside Recycled Water - Construction Project
Santa Clara Valley WD - Reverse Osmosis R&D Project
Santa Margarita WD- Trampas Canyon Recycled Water Seasonal Storage Reservoir
Silicon Valley Clean Water - Low Energy Potable Reuse from Wastewater Using Anaerobi Treatment - Planning Project
Southern California Coastal Water Research Bioanalytical Screening Tools - Research Project
The Water Research Foundation (Research Methods for QMRA, Pathogen, Monitoring & Treatment) - Planning Project
The Water Research Foundation (Research Potable & Non-potable Resue in CA) - Planning Project
Visalia, City of- Water Conservation Plant Upgrade Project
Water Replenishment District of Southern California- Groundwater Reliability Improvement Program Recycled Water
West Basin MWD- Carson Regional Water Recycling Facility Phase IIB
West Bay Sanitary District- Recycled Water Project Sharon Heights
West County Wastewater District- Recycled Water Reliability Upgrades