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Program: Water Storage Investment Program

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Water Storage Investment Program
Agency of Appropriation: California Water Commission

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    • Proposition 1, the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, includes $2.7 billion for public benefits of water storage projects that provide measurable benefits to the Delta ecosystem or its tributaries. The California Water Commission (Commission), through the Water Storage Investment Program, will fund the public benefits of eligible water storage projects. Public benefits are defined as ecosystem improvements, water quality improvements, flood control benefits, emergency response, or recreational purposes.

      The Commission will select projects for funding on a competitive basis based on expected return of public investment. Eligible projects types include:

      •    Surface storage projects identified in the CALFED Record of Decision, with the exception of projects that are prohibited by the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

      •    Groundwater storage projects and groundwater contamination prevention or remediation projects that provide storage benefits

      •    Conjunctive use and reservoir reoperation projects

      •    Local and regional surface storage projects that improve the operation of water systems in the state and provide public benefits

      The Water Storage Investment Program represents an important opportunity to invest in the future of California. The water projects receiving funding will produce real and measurable public benefits, and help address the long-term water needs for California families, farms, communities, and the environment.

      Additional information on the Water Storage Investment Program activities including scheduled public meetings and other events can be found at