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Program: Multibenefit Stormwater Management Projects

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Multibenefit Stormwater Management Projects
Agency of Appropriation: State Water Resources Control Board
Guideline Status: Draft Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

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Arroyo Grande City Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
City of Anaheim - La Palma & Richfield Stormwater Construction Project
City of Anaheim - Modjeska Park Stormwater Construction Project
City of Chico Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
City of Eureka Watershed Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
City of Grass Valley - Wolf Creek Stormwater Construction Project
City of Los Angeles - Tujunga Enhancement - Construction Project
City of Redding Storm Water Resource Plan
City of Redwood City Sustainable Streets - Construction Project
City of South Lake Tahoe - Ruby Way, Bijou Park and Tahie Valley Greenbelt Stowrm Water Improvement Planning Project
City of Southgate Urban Orchard Demonstration - Construction Project
City of Ukiah Russian River - Planning Project
City of Vista South Santa Fe Green Street - Construction Project
City of Yuba City Basin Storm Water Planning Project
Coastal Conservation and Resarch Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
Contra Costa Watersheds Storm Water Resources - Planning Project
Council for Watershed Health - Technical Assitance
County of Los Angeles - Gates Canyon - Construction Project
County of Madera Storm Water Rescource - Planning Project
County of Santa Barbara Integrated Stormwater Resource - Planning Project
El Dorado County Oflyng Water Quality - Planning Project
Fresno Metro Flood Control District - Stormwater Capture - Construction Project
Gateway Water Mgmt Authority John Anson Ford Park Infiltration Cistern, Phase 1 - Construction Project
Honey Lake Valley - Lahontan Basin Storm Water - Planning Project
Inland Empire Utilities Agency - 3 Basins Improvements, Pumping and Conveyance - Construction Project
Mendocino County Water Agency Coastal Storm Water - Planning Project
Monterey Peninsula Region Stormwater Resource - Planning Project
Monterey Regional WPCA and Salinas SW Collection & Reuse - Planning Project
San Bernardino County - Santa Ana River Watershed Group - Planning Project
San Diego Storm Water Resources Plan- Planning Project
San Fernando Regional Park - Planning Project
Santa Clara Basin Storm Water Resource Plan - Planning Project
Santa Maria Subwatershed Improvement - Construction Project
Sonoma County Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
Stanislaus County Multi-Agency Regional Storm Water Resource - Planning Project
Tahoe Resource Conservation District - Tahoe Sierra Region - Planning Project
The Trust of Public Land Central-Jefferson High Green Alley Storm - Construction Project
Torrance City Airport SW Infiltration Final Design - Planning Project
University Enterprises American River Storm Water - Planning Project
Ventura County Storm Water Capture for Groundwater Recharge - Construction Project
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District - Planning Project