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Program: Water Conservation and Water Use Efficiency Plans, Projects, and Programs

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Water Conservation and Water Use Efficiency Plans, Projects, and Programs
Agency of Appropriation: Department of Water Resources
Guideline Status: Final Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

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Agricultural Crop Conversions Program
Alameda County Carbon Farm Planning, Feasibility and Pilot Project
Antelope Canal Automation
Building Improved Agricultural Water Use Efficiency in Napa County
Calloway Canal Lining and Water Delivery Improvements
CCC Institutional Turf Removal and Replacement Program
CRWA On-Site Technical Asssitance
Distribution System Improvements
East-West Conveyance Project, Pumping Plant 2 & Closed Conveyance
EGIA Residential turf removal and lawn conversion rebates
Friant-Kern Canal & 8-23 Canal Intertie Pipeline
Hidden Valley Ranch Efficiency and Cold Water Exchange Project
High efficiency toilet retrofit Program
High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Program for Disadvantaged Communities
Improved Irrigation Management Through Airborne Crop Water Stress Detection
Improving Ag Water BMP Adoption and Creating a Culture of Conservation through Technical Assistance, Belief Modification, and Attitude Creation
Increasing Water Use Efficiency and Drought Resilience in California Agriculture
Increasing Water Use Efficiency in Northern California Wine Country – Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties
Infrastructure Modernization and Canal Operations Decision Support
Installation of a SCADA Integrated Metering System at Turnouts of the Pumping-Trough-Pipeline System
Irrigation Water Improvement on Willow Creek Ranch
Looney Weir Modernization Project
Lower Tule River Irrigation District Riparian Area Distribution System
NDC Lift Pump Station
Northern Area Pipeline-Southeast Extension
NSV Mobile Irrigation Lab
On-Farm Spanish-language Irrigator Certification Training in Water Use Efficiency
Optimizing Agricultural Water Use Efficiency: An Integrated Remote Monitoring System
Optimizing Management of Subsurface Drip Irrigation in Alfalfa under full and deficit Irrigation Practices to Improve Water Use Efficiency
Outreach Workshops, Technical Assistance and Irrigation Evaluations to the SWEEP Assistance Program
P1 Ag Conservation AWUE
P1 Ag Conservation CIMIS
P1 Ag Conservation L&WU
P1 Recycling Stormwater
P1 Urban Conservation UWUE
P1 Urban Conservation WUE
P1 Water Use Efficiency and Conservation Direct Expenditures
Phase I Infrastructure Modernization
Phase I Total Channel Control System Modernization
Remote Sensing Irrigation Efficiency Technical Assistance
Satellite-based IrriQuest calculator for monitoring crop consumptive use and quantifying efficiency metrics
South System Improvement Project
Statewide Leak Detection Education and Technical Assistance Program
SWSD ET Remote Sensing Instrumentation and Comparison for Agricultural Water Use Efficiency
Technical Assistance to Sacramento Valley Irrigation Districts
Technical Assistance to San Joaquin Valley Irrigation Districts
Training and Extension Education for Irrigated Pastureland Enhancement
Using Biochar to Save Water in California Agriculture
Wonnacott Strategies-Media to Promote Residential Turf Rebate