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Natural Resources Agency

Program: Watershed Restoration

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Watershed Restoration
Agency of Appropriation: California Department of Fish and Wildlife
Guideline Status: Final Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

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American River Headwaters Restoration Project
Auburn Ravine-Hemphill Diversion Assessement Phase 2
Butte Creek Diversion 55 Fish Screen Planning Project
Carmen Watershed Restoration Project Phase II
Cook and Butcher Fish Passage and Fish Screen Planning Project
Cottonwood Canyon Acquisition Project
Dennett Dam Removal
Developing Restoration Strategies for Hydrologic Connectivity in Williams Creek
Dry Creek Meadow Restoration
Fish Passage Design at Interstate 5 Bridge Array on Trabuco Creek
Freshwater Creek Off-Channel Habitat Restoration Regulatory Compliance Project
Grasslands Floodplain Restoration Project
Grayson Restoration Planning
Green Valley Wateshed Coho Migration Enhancement Project Design
Humboldt Bay Regional Invasive Spartina Eradication Project
Johnson Meadow Acquisition, Upper Truckee River Project
Laguna-Mark West Creek Watershed Master Restoration Planning Project
Lagunitas Creek Floodplain and Riparian Restoration Project
Lost Coast Redwood & Salmon Initiative Phase 2 - Indian Creek Conservation
Lower Deer Creek Flood and Ecosystem Improvement Project, Phase 1
Lower Putah Creek Watershed Restoration
Marshall Ranch Conservation Easement
Matilija Dam Removal 65% Design Planning Project
McInnis Marsh Restoration Project
Mendonca Dairy Acquisition
Mill Creek Barrier Removal and Riparian Restoration Project in Talmage
Modoc Plateau Meadows Assessment and Restoration Design Project
Mt. Shasta Headwaters: McCloud Soda Springs Conservation Easement
Napa River Restoration Oakville to Oak Knoll Design-Group B and D
Napa River Restoration Oakville to Oak Knoll Project
Native Trout Preservation in the Santa Ana Watershed in Southern California
Non-Natal Habitat Enhancement Planning for Esa-Listed Salmonids
North Campus Open Space (NCOS) Restoration Project
North San Diego County Multi-Watershed Enhancement & Restoration Project
Oroville Wildlife Area (OWA) Floodplain Reconnection and Habitat Restoration
Oroville Wildlife Area Flood Stage Reduction and Restoration Project
Packer Ranch Fish Screen Project
Paynes Creek Bend Water Users Fish Passage Assessment and Restoration
Perazzo Meadows Restoration
Planning for Priority Meadow Restoration in Lahontan Basin Watersheds
Protecting and Restoring Wilderness Meadows in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Provide Startup Costs for the New Entity Created to Manage The Restoration Project
Rancho Cañada Carmel River Protection and Instream Flow Enhancement Project
Reclamation District 2035/Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency Joint Intake and Fish Screen
Restoration of Priority Meadows in the Walker Watershed Project
Restoring Fish Migration Connectivity to the Salt River Coastal Watershed
Salmon River Floodplain Restoration Planning and NEPA Analysis Project
San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Removal and Tidal Marsh Restoration Project
San Gabriel Watershed Restoration Program
San Joaquin River - Invasive Species Management and Job Creation
San Joaquin River - Native Habitat Restoration and Species Enhancement at Dos Rios Ranch
San Vicente Creek Watershed Clematis Vitalba Control Project
Sequoia National Forest Prioritized Meadows Restoration Project
South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project Phase 2: Ravenswood and Mt. View Ponds
South Canal Diversion Fish Screen
Stanford-Vina Fish Passage Planning and Design Project
Thompson Meadow Restoration and Water Budet Evaluation Project
TRVRP Brown Fill Restoration Project
Tuolumne River Bobcat Flat Salmonid Habitat Restoration-Duck Slough Side Channel Restoration for Off-Channel Rearing Habitat
Yuba River Feasibility Study for the Anadromous Salmonid Reintroduction Component of the Yuba Salmon Partnership Program