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Natural Resources Agency

Program: Stream Flow Enhancement

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Stream Flow Enhancement
Agency of Appropriation: Wildlife Conservation Board
Guideline Status: Final Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

  • Description (click to expand)
    • California voters approved the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1). Proposition 1 authorized the Legislature to appropriate $200 million to the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) to administer the California Stream Flow Enhancement Program (Program). The Program awards grant funding on a competitive basis to projects representing the mission of the WCB and address the three goals of the California Water Action Plan: reliability, restoration, and resilience. Funding is directed to projects predicted to result in significant enhancement to the amount, timing and/or quality of water available for anadromous fish, special status, threatened, endangered or at risk species; or provide resilience to climate change.

      Specifically, the goals of the Program are to:

      • Support projects that lead to meaningful increases in the availability and quality of water in streams, particularly by protecting and restoring functional ecological flows for streams and wetlands identified as priority for fish and wildlife.

      • Support projects that work to remove key barriers to securing enhanced flows for nature (e.g., by making it easier to change the timing of flows as needed, crafting long-term programs that allow for short-term leases/transfers for nature, or streamlining processes for long-term transfers of water for stream flow)

      • Support projects that allocate resources for infrastructure (e.g., gauges) for evaluating streamflow conditions in California’s streams that help better understand how streamflow conditions respond to efforts to improve flows.


Addressing Limiting Factors in the San Lorenzo River Lagoon
Baseflow Monitoring for Stream Flow Enhancement Project Planning and Evaluation in San Luis Obispo County
Central Valley Arundo Mapping and Impact Assessment Project
Deer Creek Streamflow Enhancement and Restoration
Developing Efficiencies for Instream Dedication
Domestic and Agricultural Water Efficiency Design Program
Dominie Creek and Rowdy Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project
Dos Rios Section 1707 Project
Dry Meadow Restoration Project
Flow Availability Analysis for Mark West Creek
Green Gulch Creek Water Conservation
Green Valley Creek Rural Water Conservation Project
Hart Ranch Instream Flow Enhancement
Hat Creek Enhancement Project
Integrated Water Strategies to Enhance Flows in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties
Interagency Agreement with SWRCB for Analytical Services
Lagunitas Creek Floodplain Activation Flow Assessment
Mattole Headwaters Streamflow Enhancement Implementation Project
Mattole Headwaters Streamflow Enhancement Planning Project
McKee Creek Bedrock and Inset Floodplain Stream Flow Enhancement
Mill Creek Watershed Flow Enhancement Study
Navarro River Watershed – Plan for Streamflow Optimization and Enhancement
Oroville Wildlife Area Floodplain Reconnection and Habitat
Outlet Creek Streamflow Enhancement Project
Pine Gulch Water Rights and Instream Flow Enhancement
Porter Creek Streamflow Enhancement Project
Rancheria Creek Stream Flow Enhancement and Restoration
Rancho Canada Carmel River Flow Enhancement
Reconnecting Stream Flows in the Lower Eel River Delta
San Joaquin River - Grayson Property Project
San Lorenzo Watershed Conjunctive Use Plan
San Ysidro Flow Enhancement and Water Conservation
Scott and Shasta Flow Enhancement Planning Project
Scotts Creek Lagoon and Marsh Restoration Project
Sierra Meadow Hydrology Monitoring Project
Sonoma Creek Streamflow Stewardship Program, Phase 1
Soquel Creek Stream Flow Stewardship Project
Southern California Coastal Watersheds Arundo Eradication
Studies to Support Coho in the Russian River Basin
Suisun Creek Watershed Instream Flow Enhancement Project
The Salinas River Arundo Eradication Project Phase III
The Thacher School Instream Flow Resiliency and Dormitory Conservation Project
Truckee River Flow Enhancement
Weaver Creek Watershed Flow Enhancement Project