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Program: Water System Infrastructure Improvements - Safe Drinking Water

Bond: Proposition 1
Sub-Program: Water System Infrastructure Improvements - Safe Drinking Water Grant Program
Agency of Appropriation: State Water Resources Control Board
Guideline Status: Final Guideline Link: Open Guideline File

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Alleghany County Water District Storage Tank Replacement - Construction Project
Alleghany County Water District- Renovation of ACWD Storage Tank- Planning
Alpaugh CSD Arsenic Treatment - Construction Project
Amador Water Agency - Construction Project
American Valley CSD - Water System Improvement - Planning Project
Anderson Valley CSD Boonville Drinking Water - Planning Project
Apple Valley Heights CWD Tanks & Pipeline - Planning Project
Armona Community Services District- Arsenic Treatment
Avenal Water Transmission Line Replacement- Planning Project
Bar-Len MWC WQ and Infrastructure Efficiency - Planning Project
Bell Gardens City Well No. 1 Improvements - Planning Project
Bellevue Union School District- Kawana School Second Source- Planning
Big Bend Water Supply - Planning Project
Bighorn-Desert View CSA 70, W-1 Consolidation and HDWD Interconnections - Planning Project
Biola - Distribution Project
Bridgeport Public Utility District Arsenic Removal - Construction Projet
California Rural Legal Assitance Drinking Water Access Outreach - Technical Assistance
California Rural Water Association - Statewide Leak Detection and Technical Assistance Program
California Rural Water Association - Technical Assitance
Callahan Water District Water Treatment Plant - Planning Project
Calpine Metering Project
Caruthers CSD New Well No. 7 - Planning Project
Center Water Company - Wells, Storage and Infrastructure Planning
Central Unified School District- Central Unified and Pershing HS Consolidation and Replacement Well
Chiriaco Summit WD Water System Improvement - Construction Project
City of Dos Palos WTP - Planning Project
City of Dunsmuir Water Main Replacement - Planning Project
City of Fresno- Orange Center School and City of Fresno Consolidation
City of Gonzales Alpine Court Extension - Planning Project
City of Hughson Well #7 Replacement and Treatment - Construction Project
City of Lindsay - Planning Project
City of Mendota - Construction Project
City of Needles - Lilly Hill Booster Station Replacement Project
City of Newman Hexavalent Chromium Compliance - Planning Project
City of Orange Cove Water Treatment Expansion - Planning Project
City of San Joaquin - Planning Project
City of San Joaquin- Water Meter Installation
Coachella Valley Water District - Therman Mutual Water Company & Oasis Gardens Consolidation - Construction Project
Coachella Valley WD East Water Supply Consolidation - Planning Project
Cobb Area CWD Summit Area Improvements - Planning Project
Colusa County Waterworks District 1 Arsenic Exceedance - Planning Project
Construction Project for Hillview Water Company, Inc.
County of Fresno
County of Fresno - Planning Project
County of Fresno - Planning Project
County of Madera - Fairmead Drinking Water Construction Project
County of Madera New Surface Water Treatment Plant - Planning Project
County of Madera Parkwood Consolidation, New Well & Tank - Construction Project
County of Madera Well - Planning Project
County of Shasta CSA Number 2 Sugarloaf Water Improvement - Planing Project
County of Sutter (Robbins Water Meter Installation and Repairs) - Construction Project
County of Tulare, Seville Water Distribution Replacement - Construction Project
Crows Landing CSD Well 5 Remediation - Planning Project
Curtis Creek Elementary Consolidation - Planning Project
Davis Joint USD Fairfield Elementary Cr6 DW Compliance - Construction Project
Del Oro Water Company - Grandview Gardens & East Plano Consolidation with Porterville
Department of Water Resources - East Porterville Water Supply Construction Project
Department of Water Resources Okieville Highland Acres Emergency Supply - Construction Project
Donner Summit PUD- Water Treatment Plant Improvement
East Porterville Water Supply - Planning Project
Eastern MWD- County Water Company Consolidation
El Portal Mobile Estates Consolidation - Planning Project
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District- County Water of Riverside Consolidation
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water - Technical Assistance
Fairmont School Safe Drinking Water - Construction Project
Fall River Well No. 1 Improvement - Planning Project
Feather River Canyon CSD Old Mill Ranch - Planning Project
Floriston Spring Filtration - Planning Project
Gratton School District- Well Replacement Project
Grizzly Lake Community Services District - Planning Project
Groveland Community Services District - Planning Project
Herlong PUD - West Patton Water System - Construction Project
Hi-Desert MWC Infrastructure Improvements - Planning Project
Indian Valley CSD Greenville Replace Aged Water Transmission Lines - Planning Project
Indio Water Authority - Construction Project
Jackson Valley Irrigation District Treated Water Phase 2 - Construction Project
Joshua Basin Chromium VI Remediation - Planning Project
Jubilee MWC Golden Acres Consolidation - Construction Project
Kerman, City of- Double L Mobile Ranch Park consolidation
Kettleman City Community Services District - Construction Project
Keyes CSD Regional Benefit Arsenic Mitigation - Construction Project
Kings Canyon USD DBCP MCL Compliance - Planning Project
Knights Landing Water System - Planning Project
Konocti County Water District- Intake and Pump Station Replacement
Krista Fluoride Contamination - Planning Project
Lake Camanche Water System Compliance - Construction Project
Lake County Soda Bay Water System Improvements - Construction Project
Lakeside Joint SD Water Supply - Construction Project
Lakeview Ranchos Mutual Water Company Arsenic Compliance - Construction Project
Leisure Acres Arsenic MCL Compliance - Planning Project
Lemon Cove Well and Storage Tank - Planning Project
Lewiston CSD Trinity Dam Tank Replacement - Construction Project
Lewiston Park Mutual Water Company- SWTR Compliance and Storage Tank
Los Angeles County Waterworks Dist. No. 40, Antelope Valley - Desert Palms MHP Construction Project
Los Molinos CSD Arsenic Compliance & System Improvements - Planning Project
Lukins Brothers Water Company Treatment Upgrades - Planning Project
Madera County Consolidate Valley Teen Ranch & Golden Valley USD - Construction Project
Madera County Distribution System Replacement - Planning Project
Madera County District 46 Well Replacement and Arsenic - Planning Project
Madera, County of- Arscenic Remediation Project
Malaga County Water District Water Meter - Construction Project
Manila Community Services District Storage and Distribution - Planning Project
Manzanita Well Replacement - Planning Project
Maywood Avenue Well Improvements - Planning Project
Mendocino Unified School District - Master Planning Project
Metropolitan Wells Development - Treatment Project
Mettler Valley MWC Arsenic Exceedance-Remediation - Planning Project
Mojave Public Utility District Cache Creek Potable Water Pipeline Replacement - Planning Project
Mountain House SD Well Replacement - Planning Project
Mt. Shasta City Spring Hill Water Supply & Storage - Planning Project
Mt. Shasta City Water Distribution Improvement - Planning Project
Muller MWC consolidation with Tuolumne Utility District - Planning Project
Myers Flat Mutual Water System Distribution Improvement - Planning Project
New Auberry Water Association - Construction Project
North Fork - Planning Project
North Yuba WD Forbestown Pipeline - Planning Project
Oak Creek School Consolidation with Hillview - Construction Project
Oak Run Well Replacement - Construction Project
Orleans Community Services District Filtration and Disinfection Treatement Plant Upgrades - Planning Project
Orleans Mutual Water Company Water Treatment System Upgrade - Planning Project
Palo Verde County Water District Improvement - Construction Project
Palo Verde Union Elementary School District - Planning Project
Paskenta Water Main Rehab and Meter - Construction Project
Patterson Tract CSD Meter Replacement System Upgrade - Planning Project
Pioneer Union School District-Mountain Creek School Water Tank Replacement
Placer County Water Agency Dutch Flat Mutual Consolidation - Planning Project
Plainview Mutual Water Company - Central Water System Nitrate Remedidation - Planning Project
Planada CSD Water Supply - Planning Project
Pleasant Valley Joint Union Elementary School District Water Supply - Construction Project
Pueblo Unido CDC Rural Infrastructure - Planning Project
Ramona Water System Improvement - Planning Project
Rancho Estates Mututal Water Company - Planning Project
Rand CWD Water Supply - Construction Project
Resort Improvement Dist.rict No. 1 Shelter Cove Water Tank Replacement - Construction Project
Resort Improvement District No. 1- Water Tank Replacement
Rio Dell City Infrastructure Improvement - Planning Project
River Pines PUD Storage and Distribution Rehab - Construction Project
Rosamond CSD - Arsenic Regional Consolidation Project
Santa Nella CWD Mobile Home Park Water Meter - Construction Project
Sativa-L.A. CWD Well No. 5 WQ Improvement - Planning Project
Saucelito Elementary School - Planning Project
Self Help Enterprises - SHE Propostion 1 Technical Assitance Project
Shaffer Source Capacity - Planning Project
Shasta Community Services District Tanks/Pump Stations Replacement - Construction Project
Shasta County - Jones Valley - Planning Project
Sierra County Calpine Water Quality and Supply - Planning Project
Sierra East HOA - Water System Improvement - Construction Project
Sierra East HOA GWUDI and Arsenic Compliance - Planning Project
St. Anthony Trailer Park - Arsenic Remediation - Planning Project
Stratford Public Utility District - Test Well - Planning Project
Sunrise Shore Compliance and Sustainability - Planning Project
Tank 1 and Roseburg Water System Improvements - Planning Project
Techcical Assistance - RCAC Proposition 1 Technical Assistance to DACs
Technical Assistance - Aoki Water Clinic
Technical Assistance - California State University Disadvantaged Community Center
Technical Assitance - Community Water Center Solutions in the Tulare Lake Basin
Technical Assitance - University Enterprises Drinking Water Technical Assistance and Outreach
Teviston Community Services District South Well Replacement - Planning Project
Tides Center - Technical Assistance
TLC Child and Family Services Arsenic Mitigation - Construction Project
Tract 349 MWC New Water Well (Site 2) - Construction Project
Turlock USD Roselawn High School Water System Improvement - Planning Project
Union Public Utility Dsitrict - Planning Project
Walnut Park MWC Water Meter Replacement Construction Project
Warner Unified School District - Arsenic MCL Violation Planning Project
Washington Union - Consolidation of Washington Colony and Washington Union Schools
Washington USD American Union Elementary School Uranium MCL Compliance - Planning Project
Water Replenishment District of So. Cal. - Maywood Well Improvement - Construction Project
Weed City Bypass Water Supply Pipeline - Planning Project
Weed City North Weed Water Supply - Planning Project
Winship-Robbins Elementary School Well #3 - Construction Project
Woodville PUD - Planning Project
WRM Sonoma Holdings Plaza Mobile Home & RV Park Consolidation - Planning Project
WRM Sonoma Holdings Western MHP Consolidation - Planning Project
Yreka City Water System Improvements - Planning Project